Victor 10-Inch Double-Sided Electrical Records

This page covers Victor's Ten-Inch Double-Sided Electrical Ethnic Series with issue dates ranging from 1925 onward with coverage on this website ending around 1930. Acoustical Ethnic Victors can be found on this page. As with post WWI-acousticals, most of these discs were recorded Stateside. Their numbering system also remained bountiful and confusing.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Fest hos Gustafson's
(Celebration at Gustafson's)
Når Morsan fyller femtio år
(Mother's Fiftieth Birthday)
Olle i Skratthult (Hjalmar Peterson) Olle i Skratthult (Hjalmar Peterson)
Victor 79320-A Victor 79320-B
Matrix# BVE-38424, Take 2 Matrix# BVE-38426, Take 1
April 2, 1927 April 2, 1927
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Worn. Note: Worn.

Vom Himmel Hoch Stille Nacht
Doppelquartett (unter Leitung von Professor Hugo Ruedel) Doppelquartett (unter Leitung von Professor Hugo Ruedel)
Victor 80265-A Victor 80265-B
Matrix# Bw210-1(Delta) Matrix# Bw211-1(Delta)
August 17, 1926 August 17, 1926
Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany

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