Victor 10-Inch Double-Sided Acoustical Records

This page covers Victor's Ten-Inch Double-Sided Acoustical Ethnic Series with issue dates ranging from 1908 to 1925. However, some recording dates can actually be years earlier. Pricing paralleled that of the Popular 16000 Series, including the temporary jump to 85¢ during World War I and its aftermath. The same label designs were also used over the years.

Immigration to the United States, especially from European countries, reached a peak in the first two decades of the 20th Century. Phonograph companies recorded a great deal of material in the native languages and musical styles of those groups and found the market quite profitable. Much of the time, special catalog number blocks were established for the various nationalities. Victor did the same, with blocks including the 62000s, 63000s, 65000s, 67000s, 69000s, 72000s, 73000s, 77000s, and 78000s. The organization of various ethnicities within these was complex, and over time they were lumped together within a block with less regard for differences. For its ethnic series, Victor often utilized imported masters from its European cousin, The Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. As with the Popular 16000 Series, many were originally single-sided issues and are dated from years before 1908. However, many selections were recorded in Victor's New York and Camden studios, especially as the years went on and when World War I made importing difficult to impossible. Post-war releases didn't see much of a return to European masters and stateside studios continued to turn out such recordings in large numbers well into the 1920s and into the electrical era of recording.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Ihr Kinderlein Kommet O Tannenbaum
Kinderchor Kinderchor
Victor 63853-A Victor 63853-B
Matrix# 13630u, Take 1 Matrix# 13629u, Take 1
1908 1908
Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany

W'hakohanim Jaale Tachnuneinu
Obercantor Sawel Kwartin Obercantor Sawel Kwartin
Victor 63945-A Victor 63945-B
Matrix# 15343u Matrix# 15344u
October 18, 1909 October 18, 1909
Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria
Note: Stressed loud passages. Note: Stressed loud passages.

Bal i Hallingdal Norsk Brondebryllup
Herr Adolf Ostby og Herr Carl Matthiessen Herr Adolf Ostby og Herr P. Pedersen
Victor 65538-A Victor 65538-B
Matrix# 1475e Matrix# 2559e
ca. 1905 ca. 1905

När jag höll tal Osebo lasses visa om Chikago
Carl Lindström Carl Lindström
Victor 67228-A Victor 67228-B
Matrix# 719ae Matrix# 11503b
September 1909 October 1908
Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Note: Acoustically dubbed from European master. Note: Acoustically dubbed from European master.

Norrlänningens hemlängtan Källan, af Svedbom
Oscar Ralf Torsten Lennartsson
Victor 67710-A Victor 67710-B
Matrix# 744ae, Take ? Matrix# 7884e, Take 1
September 1909 March 1908
Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Note: Low volume on master.

Bondvalsen Hund på Katt
Charles G. Widdén Charles G. Widdén
Victor 69268-A Victor 69268-B
Matrix# B-17873, Take 1 Matrix# B-19036, Take 2
June 16, 1916 January 10, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Hairline cracks audible from 0:26-1:26. Note: Hairline crack imprints audible from 0:43-1:23.

Hjärterö - Valsen "Olle ve Qvarnas" Turkiska Bad
Charles G. Widdén Charles G. Widdén
Victor 69269-A Victor 69269-B
Matrix# B-19033, Take 2 Matrix# B-19035, Take 1
January 10, 1917 January 10, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York

Zions Vaegter haever Røsten Vor Gud han er saa fast en Borg
(Hans) Ingi Hedemark (Hans) Ingi Hedemark
Victor 69453-A Victor 69453-B
Matrix# 11486b Matrix# 4679l, Take 1
September 26, 1908 ca. October 1906
Kristiania (Oslo), Norway Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
Note: Acoustical dubbing from European masters apparent, especially on the B-side, with rumble like a Pathé.

Roztomilà Marenko (Charming Mary) Pod tou naší lípou (Beneath the Linden Tree)
Ceští Zpeváci Ceští Zpeváci
Victor 69516-A Victor 69516-B
Matrix# B-19459, Take 5 Matrix# B-20142, Take 2
May 17, 1917 June 20, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Worn at start. Groove wear at loud passages.

Choros Poletekos Zaembakeko
George Macreyannes George Macreyannes
Victor 69866-A Victor 69866-B
Matrix# B-21218, Take 1 Matrix# B-21219, Take 1
October 31, 1917 October 31, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Two hairline cracks halfway to center, barely audible on Side A.

Guds barns trygghet Min Klippa
Gustaf Holmquist Gustaf Holmquist
Victor 72061-A Victor 72061-B
Matrix# B-20946, Take 1 Matrix# B-20947, Take 2
November 5, 1917 November 5, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York

Sætergjentens Söndag (The Chalet Girl's Sunday) Solveigs Sang (Solvejg's Song)
Arthur E. Uhe Grieg Instrumental Kvartet
Victor 72356-A Victor 72356-B
Matrix# B-22378, Take 1 Matrix# B-23032, Take 5
February 21, 1919 July 9, 1919
Camden, New Jersey Camden, New Jersey

Värmlandsvisan (Varmland Song) Vaggvisa (Lullaby)
William Oscar William Oscar
Victor 72522-A Victor 72522-B
Matrix# B-21852, Take 2 Matrix# B-21853, Take 1
May 16, 1918 May 16, 1918
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Worn. Note: Worn.

Kerran ma rakastuin tyttöön Pikkuinen poika
Pahka Jaakko Pahka Jaakko
Victor 72552-A Victor 72552-B
Matrix# B-21334, Take 5 Matrix# B-21335, Take 6
June 27, 1918 April 23, 1918
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Worn.

Skördedans (Harvest Dance) Fleckera (The Girlies)
Charles G. Widdén Charles G. Widdén
Victor 72770-A Victor 72770-B
Matrix# B-21397, Take 2 Matrix# B-21525, Take 2
January 31, 1918 February 19, 1918
New York, New York New York, New York

Sven Svensons Sven Nikolina
Charles G. Widdén Charles G. Widdén
Victor 73048-A Victor 73048-B
Matrix# B-25426, Take 1 Matrix# B-25427, Take 2
June 6, 1921 June 6, 1921
Camden, New Jersey Camden, New Jersey

The Rye Field Tender Embraces Forgotten
Nathalie P. Popova I. Kartaschoff
Victor 73152-A Victor 73152-B
Matrix# B-25055, Take 5 Matrix# 7458L, Take 1
September 21, 1921 1908
New York, New York St. Petersburg, Russia
Note: Worn.

Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven) El teléfono a larga distancia (Long Distance Telephone)
Orquesta Max Dolin Orquesta Max Dolin
Victor 73193-A Victor 73193-B
Matrix# B-25893, Take 2 Matrix# B-25894, Take 2
December 22, 1921 December 22, 1921
New York, New York New York, New York

Ewig, liebe Heimat (Forever, dear Native Land) Heimkehr (Homeward Bound)
Nebe Quartett Kromer Sextett
Victor 73298-A Victor 73298-B
Matrix# 2441ae, Take 1 Matrix# B-26062, Take 1
August 17, 1911 January 30, 1922
Berlin, Germany New York, New York
Note: Scratch from 0:30-0:52.

Arachne (The Spider's Fox Trot) Glykia Nana (Sweet Nana - Waltz)
Tétos Demetriades Tétos Demetriades
Victor 73693-A Victor 73693-B
Matrix# B-27293, Take 1 Matrix# B-27292, Take 2
January 8, 1923 January 8, 1923
New York, New York New York, New York

Siesser Heim (Home, Sweet Home) Mutter's Schluf Liedelach (Mother's Lullabies)
William Robyn Lucy Finkle
Victor 73744-A Victor 73744-B
Matrix# B-27574, Take 1 Matrix# B-27577, Take 2
February 26, 1923 February 27, 1923
Camden, New Jersey Camden, New Jersey
Note: Poor shellac with roughness and bubbles at the beginning of each side.

The Roosters Crow in the Morning Be Proud, Balkan
Dimiter Mintcheff Dimiter Mintcheff
Victor 73843-A Victor 73843-B
Matrix# B-23048, Take 1 Matrix# B-23085, Take 1
July 7, 1919 July 22, 1919
Camden, New Jersey Camden, New Jersey

Stilla Natt (Silent Night) Se Natten Flyr (Psalm No. 56) (See, the Night Flees)
Gustaf Holmquist Joseph Lycell
Victor 77043-A Victor 77043-B
Matrix# B-25294, Take 3 Matrix# B-28303, Take 2
May 9, 1921 July 20, 1923
Camden, New Jersey New York, New York
Note: Worn at start. Note: Worn at start.

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