Test Pressings

The following are records pressed in very small numbers for internal company review and not for the public. Quality may or may not be on par with official releases and labels are either quite plain or even non-existent. They are usually the only existing source for rejected titles and takes.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Oh! By Jingo
Ted Lewis Jazz Band
Columbia Test Pressing
(song never issued)
Matrix# 79046 1-A-, Take 1
March 14, 1920
New York, New York

I Never Knew Ben Bolt
Henry Burr (only) Rosalie Miller
Pathé Test Pressing 22261A
(take never issued)
Pathé Test Pressing 22251B
(was issued)
Matrix# 68117-1E 14 Matrix# 68177-1M 12
ca. November-December 1919 ca. December 1919
Note: Different sides for two different records. Crack halfway in, audible but filtered somewhat.
Note: The released take is sung by Albert Campbell and Henry Burr. Large scratches in middle of recording. "You Never Knew" etched in center. "#20" etched backwards. "X" etched. Note: "You Never Knew" etched in center with lines drawn across it. "??ea" etched. "X" etched. Oddly it was harder to filter the crack at the beginning; some of it left in. Weird water-drop sound at 1:49.

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