Pearl Harbor Radio Transcriptions
NBC Red Network
2:00PM December 7, 1941 - 11:59PM December 8, 1941

The almost continuous coverage presented in this collection is divided into the individual radio programs and news blocks broadcasted during these two days. Each are in their own mp3 file, starting with 01PHRed.mp3, 02PHRed.mp3 and so forth up to 81PHRed.mp3 when coverage ends. Each program is undivided but times are given for each bulletin, song, or topic so that you can fast forward to them if you wish. The volume levels between and within programs have been edited to some degree to foster better listenability. However, levels will still vary slightly due to the nature of the broadcasts and the desire to avoid distortion. Some sound filtering was done and some skipped tracking in the original recordings was corrected. Once again, doing too much as to compromise the recordings was avoided. Some recordings are also inherently in poorer shape than others and cannot be helped much. Most were recorded on Memovox discs, which were intended for dictation and not high-quality musical reproduction. However, a few programs were archived on higher quality acetate discs and are present here.

Encoded Speed: 128 Kbps

File Time Program Description
01PHRed.mp3 December 7, 1941

Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade 1. Kaye's Melody (0:00)
2. This Is No Laughing Matter (1:23)
3. The Shrine of St. Cecilia (4:13)
4. Concerto For Two (Tonight We Love) (7:51)
5. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (11:34)
6. This Love of Mine (14:01)
7. Poem - When We're Apart (17:33)
8. Madelaine (19:49)
9. Dusty Manuscripts: My Belle, Only Make Believe, Why Do I Love You?, Until Tomorrow (23:13)
10. Kaye's Melody (28:18)
02PHRed.mp3 2:30-3:00PM The University of Chicago Round Table 1. First Bulletin (at 2:30) over NBC about the attack on Pearl Harbor (0:00)
2. Program (0:21)
3. Bulletin at 2:39: air attacks on Manila (8:26)
4. Program (8:59)
5. Bulletin at 2:52 by the moderator: "I have just learned the Japanese are now bombing Burma" (21:17)
6. Program (21:40)
03PHRed.mp3 3:00-3:15PM The Bob Becker Show 1. Bulletin at 3:00: by H. V. Kaltenborn (0:00)
2. Program: Interview with Dr. R. L. Pinkham about dog nutrition (1:09)
3. Program: Skit - "a bloodhound helps to deflate a pompous sheriff who's out after a 'one man gang.'" (7:55)
04PHRed.mp3 3:15-3:30PM H. V. Kaltenborn 1. Program: "Japan has made war on the United States without declaring war."; "An army transport has been torpedoed 1300 miles west of San Francisco. An unidentified warship is firing on Pearl Harbor." (0:00)
05PHRed.mp3 3:30-4:00PM Listen America 1. Program: A discussion on Pentothenic Acid (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 3:37: "a 'black' aircraft carrier is attacking Pearl Harbor" (6:42)
3. Program: Quick conclusion of previous discussion; "Big Sister"; Skit - A 77 year old sailor gets drafted into the Navy. (7:03)
4. Bulletin at 3:49: "The Secretary of War has ordered all military personnel into uniform." (18:48)
5. Program: Nutrition tips and start of Warren Williams as "The Lone Wolf" (20:11)
6. Bulletin at 3:55: Winston Churchill and the U.S. Ambassador to Britain are conferring about the attack on Pearl Harbor (24:38)
7. Program: "Lone Wolf" conclusion and program conclusion (25:16)
06PHRed.mp3 4:00-4:30PM Sylvia Marlowe & Richard Dyer-Bennet 1. Program: First tune - "Bach's Prelude and Fugue in D Minor" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 4:06: "report from KGU, Honolulu, from the roof of the Advertiser Building. The unidentified announcer says, "the attack has been going on three hours. This is no joke, this is real war." The telephone operator ends the transmission for an 'emergency call'. Reports from New York, H. R. Baukhage reports from D.C." (6:00)
3. Program at 4:20: "A 'piano recital' is announced, but organ music is heard." (19:22)
4. Bulletin at 4:23: "Baukhage reports from the Press Room of the White House. He reads a message from President Roosevelt to the Emperor of Japan." (21:32)
07PHRed.mp3 4:30-5:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from London (0:00)
2. Upton Close reports from San Francisco: "The Japanese consul in San Francisco denies any knowledge of the attack." (1:32)
3. Report from KGU, Honolulu: "a summary of the attack. The report of an attorney who was flying his own plane when the Japanese attacked. Three hundred and fifty men have been killed at Hickum Field." (14:28)
4. A telegram from David Sarnoff to President Roosevelt is read. "From Washington: Senator Elbert Thomas (Utah), Senator Walter George (Georgia), Representative Luther A. Johnson (Texas)." (19:58)
5. Report from New York: "All defense contractors are to institute measures against sabotage." (26:32)
08PHRed.mp3 5:00-5:30PM The Metropolitan Opera Auditions Of The Air 1. Program: "audition winners from Cincinnati, Ohio. Edward Johnson introduces the performers. Mezzo Lucille Norman sings an aria from "Orfeo," by Gluck. Soprano Charlotte Howard sings an aria, despite having a cold." (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 5:15: From New York: "The Japanese have declared war against the United States." (14:47)
3. Report from Upton Close in San Francisco; switch to Manila but report sounds like it's in "Tagalog". Return to Close - "Japan has declared war against Britain." (15:09)
4. Report from Ford Wilkins in Manila: "a summary of late events. Manila has not been bombed. Wilkins ends his report by returning to CBS (which either indicates confusion by Mr. Wilkins or a pool feed)." (20:00)
5. Report from H. V. Kaltenborn in New York: "a British gunboat has been sunk in Singapore. Isolationist Senator Burton Wheeler is quoted as saying, "This means war and we'll have to see it through." (22:57)
09PHRed.mp3 5:30-6:00PM The Nichols Family of Five "Mrs. Nichols tries to sell an antique sea chest, which puts a saw into Mr. Nichol's hand. Capt. Fargo and Aunt Josephine both visit and confuse a bargain in antiques."
1. First half of program (0:00)
2. Second half of program (12:57)
10PHRed.mp3 6:00-6:30PM The Catholic Hour 1. Bulletins at 6:00: London - A special session of the House of Commons has been called, Tokyo - An emergency meeting of the Japanese Cabinet has been called, London - The Japanese Embassy there burned documents and prepare to leave, London - Japanese naval forces have bombed British bases in the Pacific (0:00)
2. Sermon (complete) - "What Is Wrong and How To Set It Right: Politics in Religion - Religion in Politics" by Reverend James Gillis and followed by a prayer (0:53)
3. Song - "Just For Today" and program close (23:38)
4. Bulletins at 6:27: "Japan has attacked Guam. A second wave of planes is attacking Honolulu. The Pan Am Clipper from San Francisco has reached Hawaii safely." (27:32)
11PHRed.mp3 6:30-7:00PM The Great Gildersleeve "Cousin Octavia has come for a visit, leaving behind her obnoxious daughter Barbara Ann...a little monster!"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 6:36: "Japan has announced that a state of war exists against the United States. At least one aircraft carrier is in action against Hawaii." (6:36)
3. Program (7:17)
4. Bulletin at 6:42: "A Japanese aircraft carrier has been sunk off Honolulu." (11:46)
5. Program (12:07)
6. Bulletin at 6:46: "Suspicious persons are being rounded up in Sitka, Alaska." (15:58)
7. Program (16:26)
8. Bulletin at 6:50: "The Germans are planning an offensive against the Russians." (19:49)
9. Program (20:07)
10. Bulletin at 6:54: "Censorship has been imposed. Reservists are being recalled in the Northwestern states." (23:49)
11. Program - Ends during final commerical - Incomplete (24:26)
12PHRed.mp3 7:00-7:30PM The Jello Program Starring Jack Benny "The cast does, "Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll." Rochester is reluctant to take care of Carmichael the Bear."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 7:10: Local notice that sheriff and police personnel have been called to 12 hour duty shifts; call for citizen volunteers to report, also an appeal for calm. (10:17)
3. Program (10:54)
4. Bulletins at 7:20: Shanghai - The Japanese have taken over the American Shanghai Power and Light Company, New York - The Japanese Foreign Minister has handed the U.S. Ambassador Japan's response to the U.S.'s peace proposal (20:52)
5. Program (21:24)
13PHRed.mp3 7:30-8:00PM The Fitch Bandwagon - with Horace Heidt & His Orchestra 1. Introduction and start of first tune - "The Piano Concerto in B Flat" ("arranged for triple-tonguing trumpets") (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 7:32: "San Francisco is now in a state of emergency." (2:52)
3. Program - Song "Shepherd Serenade" - Program (3:26)
4. Song "Dee-I-Di" (?) (8:18)
5. Song "Carle Meets Mozart" (12:00)
6. Song "I'll Never Forget" - start of song "Jonah and the Whale" (15:35)
7. Bulletin at 7:52: "104 dead, over 300 wounded on Oahu" (21:05)
8. "Jonah and the Whale" conclusion (21:32)
9. Song "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel" and program close (23:57)
14PHRed.mp3 8:00-8:30PM The Chase & Sanborn Hour 1. Program: Skit with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy - "Charlie has shot Mortimer out at the rifle range." (0:00)
2. Program: Skit with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello - "Abbott tries to help Costello fill out an Army questionaire." (8:37)
3. Bulletin at 8:16: "The Dutch East Indies and Costa Rica have declared war on Japan." (15:49)
4. Program: Judy Garland sings "Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart" (16:25)
5. Program: Skit - "Judy and Charlie have started a Christmas shopping service." (20:42)
15PHRed.mp3 8:30-9:00PM One Man's Family 1. Bulletins at 8:30: "Hawaii has come under two air attacks today.", General MacArthur has ordered all women and children to evacuate Manila, New York Mayor LaGuardia has ordered all Japanese nationals to remain in their homes until the Federal Government determines their status. (0:00)
2. Program (complete): "Book 10, Chapter 40. Paul reads some good advice about building character. Father Barbour makes a very bad assumption while in a jewelry store with Irene and Clifford." (1:07)
3. Bulletins at 8:27: State Dept. has said all the other American republics have been notified of the Pearl Harbor attack and that they have expressed support for the U.S., "The Battle of the Pacific has started." (27:45)
16PHRed.mp3 9:00-9:30PM Manhattan Merry-Go-Round - with Victor Arden & His Orchestra 1. Paree, I Still Adore You (0:00)
2. The White Cliffs of Dover (3:16)
3. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (6:01)
4. Sing Me A Song (8:50)
5. Come And Dance (12:13)
6. Manhattan, the Moon, and Love (15:11)
7. Moonlight Masquerade (17:11)
8. Mama Maria (20:07)
9. My Love (22:04)
10. Herr Relecario (?) (25:04)
17PHRed.mp3 9:30-10:00PM The American Album Of Familiar Music - with Gustave Haenschen & His Orchestra 1. Program: First tune - "a medley beginning with 'Our Love'" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 9:36: "The Netherlands government in exile has declared war against Japan." (5:32)
3. Program (5:48)
4. Bulletin at 9:57: "Canada has declared war against Japan." (27:11)
5. Program conclusion (27:23)
18PHRed.mp3 10:00-10:30PM The Hour Of Charm 1. Program Intro - Tropical Magic (0:00)
2. Madalane (4:04)
3. All For Love (10:25)
4. Russian Folk Song (13:42)
5. Beginning of: Is It Taboo To Fall In Love With You (18:15)
6. Bulletin at 10:20: "Canada has declared war on Japan. 'Washington is an armed camp.' The border has been closed to Japanese citizens, recruiting offices to open early tomorrow. The Chicago Tribune Headline: 'Our Country, Right Or Wrong.'" (19:55)
7. Program - The End of A Perfect Day (22:45)
8. God Bless Our Native Land (Hymn) - Program Close (26:09)
19PHRed.mp3 10:30-11:00PM The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes "The Mystery of Mrs. Warren's Lodger" - "A mysterious lodger (or two?), strange messages in the 'agony columns' and a surprising conclusion punctuated with a corpse and a beautiful woman. Adapted from 'The Adventure of The Red Circle,' by Arthur Conan Doyle."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 10:39: "President Roosevelt to address a joint session of Congress at noon tomorrow" (9:10)
3. Program (9:23)
20PHRed.mp3 11:00-11:15PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from H. R. Baukhage in Washington - "There's a feeling of relief here." (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:03: air raid on Singapore (3:31)
3. Report from Robert St. John in New York - "Nicaragua has declared war against Japan. Mexico is to consider a declaration tomorrow. The Canal Zone has been blacked out." (3:41)
4. Report from John Vandercook - "The Japanese are hard to understand." (7:26)
5. Bulletin from St. John - "The Japanese have landed troops in Malaya, a Japanese aircraft carrier has been sunk." (12:48)
6. Conclusion of Vandercook's report (13:21)
21PHRed.mp3 11:15-11:30PM The Legion Answers The Call "An address by the National Commander of the American Legion, 'The Legion Again Answers The Call.' Washington origination."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:23: "the Pan American base in Guam has been bombed." (11:41)
3. Program (12:01)
22PHRed.mp3 11:30PM-12:00AM Pearl Harbor Coverage "A round table discussion by: H. V. Kaltenborn (New York), H. R. Baukhage (Washington), Edward Tomlinson (Chicago), Max Jordan (New York), Morgan Beatty (Washington), Wilbur Fleischer (Washington), Ernest Lindley (Washington), Upton Close (San Francisco), William Hillman (New York)."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:45 from Singapore: Japanese troops land in Northern Malaya (15:18)
3. Program (15:31)
4. Bulletin at 11:53: "General Tojo promises victory to the Japanese people." (23:04)
5. Program (24:11)
23PHRed.mp3 December 8, 1941

Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Edward H. Berman in Buenos Aires - "Argentina's reaction to the Japanese attack." (0:00)
2. Report from Pete Brennan in Panama City - news from the Canal Zone (4:22)
3. Report from Rio de Janero (8:13)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "a description of the Japanese attack on the city. The Pan Am Clipper in the harbor has been bombed. Japanese troops have been repelled by the British in Borneo." (11:27)
5. "From New York, Jack Costello recaps editorial opinions from the New York Times, New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Daily News, The Washington Times, The Chicago Daily Times." (18:20)
6. "Fred Bates reports from London about British editorial comments." (21:46)
7. The Star-Spangled Banner - played by the NBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Frank Black and vocal by Lucy Monroe. (26:27)
24PHRed.mp3 12:30-1:00AM Richard Himber and His Orchestra 1. Program - First tune: "What Is This Thing Called Love?" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 12:34: "President Roosevelt has authorized the arrest of Japanese nationals considered a danger to the United States." (2:08)
3. Program (3:04)
4. Bulletin at 12:39: "General Hershey (the head of the Selective Service) is increasing induction quotas." (7:39)
5. Program (8:11)
6. Bulletin at 12:54: "David Sarnoff's telegram to President Roosevelt is read, a reading of the statement made by NBC president Niles Trammell." (23:06)
7. Commentary by H. V. Kaltenborn: "Japan must be desperate to instill a state of confusion. There has been no decisive military results of the attack. One American warship has been damaged. There has been no significant destruction of American supplies. The attack on the Hawaiian island is a failure." (25:13)
1:00-2:00AM not available
25PHRed.mp3 2:00-2:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from William Hillman - "A summary of known Japanese military actions to the hour and analysis. Unconfirmed report: some of the attacking planes at Pearl Harbor had a Nazi swastika!" (0:00)
2. Report (probably) from Upton Close in San Francisco - "China will support the United States. 'The Japanese American League' is stunned and horrified. They have informed President Roosevelt that 'we condemn Japan and volunteer to defend ... this land from attack.'" (7:59)
3. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "a feeling of impending things to come has gripped the city. All radio stations in Manila are to go off the air in two hours." (11:35)
4. Classical music (16:13)
5. Bulletins from D.C.: "Anzac troops are fighting the Japanese near Singapore. White House guards have been issued tommy guns. Washington is on the alert, the police are guarding the Japanese embassy." (17:13)
6. Bulletin from New York about Mexico (19:51)
7. Classical music from San Francisco by Carl College (?) and His Orchestra (20:07)
26PHRed.mp3 2:30-3:00AM Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra 1. Intro ("Rhapsody in Blue") and "Liza" (0:00)
2. My Fantasy (2:56)
3. Take The "A" Train (7:00)
4. The Rocking Chair (9:39)
5. Delilah (13:45)
6. “Waltz of the Flower” and start of "A Sinner Kissed an Angel" (16:18)
7. Bulletin at 2:50: "The FBI is rounding up suspicious Japanese in New York City" (19:31)
8. "A Sinner Kissed an Angel" conclusion (20:35)
9. Whisteria (?) (23:40)
10. "Turnabout Says I" and program close (26:31)
11. Start of band remote by Henry Busse and His Orchestra (29:04)
31PHBlue.mp3 3:00-3:30AM Henry Busse and His Orchestra Red Network recording unavailable but both Nets were simulcasting at this time.
"From the Rose Room Bowl of The Palace Hotel, San Francisco"
1. Song (0:00)
2. Time and Time Again (2:29)
3. Yes Indeed (5:55)
4. Start of "A Sinner Kissed An Angel" (8:51)
5. Bulletin at 3:09AM: "The Japanese have fled Singapore after being fired upon by the British." (9:22)
6. Conclusion of "A Sinner Kissed An Angel" (9:42)
7. Green Eyes (11:59)
8. Start of "Apple Blossom Time" (15:10)
9. Bulletin at 3:16AM: "Dutch planes have joined the British at Singapore fighting the Japanese. Hong Kong has been bombed by nine Japanese planes." (16:37)
10. Conclusion of "Apple Blossom Time" (17:12)
11. Medley: "Coquette, Once in Awhile, Sweet And Lovely" (18:36)
12. Boomba a Joomba (?) (22:52)
13. "Huckleberry Duck" and Close (24:51)
27PHRed.mp3 3:30-4:00AM Stan Kenton and His Orchestra 1. Program (from the Hollywood Palladium) continues (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 3:48: "The Japanese have bombed Kowloon." (18:07)
3. Program concludes (20:12)
28PHRed.mp3 4:00-4:30AM Bill Clifford and His Orchestra from the Bal Tabarin Theatre and Restaurant in San Francisco
1. "If Only I Had You" (Theme) and "Coffee and Cakes" (0:00)
2. You'll Never Remember (3:01)
3. Cugat's Umbo(?) (5:53)
4. Delilah (9:06)
5. Copa Capital(?) (10:56)
6. Whistler's Mother-in-Law (13:17)
7. Flamingo (15:43)
8. Green Eyes (19:12)
9. Tonight We Love (20:56)
10. Start of "Everytime" (25:09)
11. Bulletin at 4:27: "Great Britain has declared war on Japan." (26:04)
12. "Everytime" finish and program close (26:32)
29PHRed.mp3 4:30-5:00AM Bob Stevens Sings with Harold Curtis at the Organ 1. Bill Clifford remote concludes (0:00)
2. I Know Why (0:38)
3. Wasn't It You? (5:10)
4. Bulletin at 4:37: "The Japanese Imperial High Command announces an attack on Hong Kong and successful landings on the Malay Peninsula. The U.S. warship 'Wake' has been captured." (7:37)
5. Eyes of Blue Come Smiling Through (9:51)
6. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (11:37)
7. Garden in the Rain (14:50)
8. Take Me in Your Arms (18:18)
9. Stay As Sweet As You Are (22:04)
10. This Love of Mine (23:41)
11. I'd Love You More Everyday (25:22)
12. Bulletin at 4:56 from Manila: "Bert Silan reports that Japanese bombers have attacked the Philippines. The natives still side with the United States, a blackout is in effect. Thailand has been attacked in three different locations by the Japanese." (25:59)
5:00-6:00AM not available
30PHRed.mp3 6:00-6:30AM The Andrini Trio 1. Program opening and "El Relicario(?)" (0:00)
2. Gorna El Seyato(?) (Neopolitan Love Song) (3:12)
3. El Chocto(?) (5:54)
4. Start of "Dark Eyes" (8:01)
5. Bulletin at 6:09: "all men of The Ground Observation System are to report to Mitchell Field or your superior. Switch to Washington D.C.: Guards are now posted around The White House." (9:23)
6. Song (11:22)
7. Start of "Ande Mesia(?)" (13:23)
8. Bulletin at 6:16: "Japanese nationals are being rounded up in Britain." (16:14)
9. Song (16:35)
10. Carlena(?) (18:45)
11. Quartette from Rigoletto (20:44)
12. Estrellita (Little Star) (24:16)
13. "Diera me Mucho(?)" and program close (26:17)
31PHRed.mp3 6:30-7:00AM Morning in Manhattan
(local WEAF, New York)
(not a network program)
1. News summary (0:00)
2. Program opening and "Stars and Stripes Forever" (4:15)
3. Waltz (6:18)
4. My Redeeming Love (?) (hymn) (9:46)
5. Gesundheit (?) (waltz) (12:24)
6. News read by Ray Nelson at 6:45 (14:08)
7. American Patrol (19:40)
8. Rosa-Dey (?) (23:20)
9. The Anniversary Waltz With You (26:15)
10. "Auld Lang Syne" and program close (29:10)
7:00-8:00AM not available
32PHRed.mp3 8:00-8:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Charles Lyoness (?) in Berne, Switzerland - "An analysis of German reactions to the Japanese attack." (0:00)
2. Report from John McVane in London - "Prime Minister Churchill is to address Parliament in about one hour. British troops are fighting the Japanese in Thailand and Malaya. A summary of other Japanese attacks." (5:30)
3. Commentary from Earl Godwin in Washington (9:53)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "Don Bell is introduced who describes the blackout in the city. (poor circuit) 'Little has happened in the Philippines in the last eight hours.'" (15:14)
5. Program called "Do You Remember" from Cleveland with "Something" Gordan (?) or Freddy Martin (?) and His Orchestra (19:29)
33PHRed.mp3 8:30-9:00AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Program "Do You Remember" from Cleveland continues (0:00)
2. News from New York - "'America is closing ranks today.' A summary of Pacific developments. Bulletin: Australia has declared war against Japan. War news from Europe: Victories for the Russians near Moscow and Leningrad. Japan has issued a communique about U. S. losses at Pearl Harbor." (15:05)
34PHRed.mp3 8:02-8:32AM Local WEAF Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Charles Lyoness (?) in Berne, Switzerland - "An analysis of German reactions to the Japanese attack." (0:00)
2. Report from John McVane in London - "Prime Minister Churchill is to address Parliament in about one hour. British troops are fighting the Japanese in Thailand and Malaya. A summary of other Japanese attacks." (4:02)
3. Commentary from Earl Godwin in Washington (8:14)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "Don Bell is introduced who describes the blackout in the city. (poor circuit) 'Little has happened in the Philippines in the last eight hours.'" (13:10)
5. Program called "Studio X" (17:30)
35PHRed.mp3 8:32-8:45AM Studio X
(local WEAF, New York)
(not a network program)
1. Program continues from previous (0:00)
36PHRed.mp3 8:45-9:02AM Virginia Rounds Round Up Of World Wide News
(local WEAF, New York)
(not a network program)
1. Program: "Comments about President Roosevelt's speech. Prime Minister Churchill to address Parliament in two hours. A summary of Pacific news. Unconfirmed reports of a Japanese aircraft carrier sunk. Fighting going on north of Singapore. Japanese landings in Borneo have been beaten off. The Shanghai radio has gone off the air. There have been five air attacks in the Philippines. Bulletin from Tokyo: Thailand has surrendered. The U. S. Congress will give Roosevelt anything he asks for. There have been another R. A. F. night offensive against Germany. The coal strike has ended, with a victory for John L. Lewis." (0:00)
2. Bulletin: "Germany will declare war on the United States."; "The Spice of Life" - "Oddities from the news of today" begins. (16:08)
37PHRed.mp3 9:00-9:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Program: "Happy Jack" Turner plays piano and sings (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 9:11: "China has declared war against the Axis. Thailand has surrendered." (9:59)
3. Program (12:32)
4. Bulletin at 9:14: "Britain has declared war on Japan."; Report from John McVane in London - "a summary of Churchill's statement by John McVane and Charles Collingwood. An analysis of British statements. The Netherlands has declared war against Japan." (13:07)
5. Bulletins from New York (26:29)6. Program close (27:21)
38PHRed.mp3 9:30-9:45AM Rhythmic Melodies 1. Program Intro (0:00)
2. Daisy (0:57)
3. Who Calls? (3:20)
4. Start of "From One Love To Another" (6:37)
5. Bulletin from London at 9:38: "news and a summary of Prime Minister Churchill's speech. John McVane and Charles Collingwood conclude, 'This was not a good example of Churchill's oratory.'" (8:12)
6. "Madalane" finish and program close (13:12)
39PHRed.mp3 9:45-10:00AM Your Gospel Singer 1. Program Intro (0:00)
2. Just For Today (1:39)
3. My Aime(?) (Own) Country (4:26)
4. Poem by Margaret Gibbs - "A Prayer For The Friend" (7:32)
5. Garden of Prayer (9:24)
6. Bulletin at 9:57: "Prime Minister Churchill has announced that Great Britain and The Netherlands have declared war against Japan." (12:16)
40PHRed.mp3 10:00-10:15AM The Story Of Bess Johnson "Bess needs money, now more than ever!"
Sponsors: Super Suds, Halo Shampoo
1. Program (0:00)
41PHRed.mp3 10:15-10:30AM Bachelor's Children "There's going to be a baby shower and Dottie's looking for a job."
Sponsors: Colgate Tooth Paste, Palmolive Soap
Announcer: Russ Young
1. Program (0:00)
42PHRed.mp3 10:30-10:45AM Helpmate "'The story of a girl who follows her heart.' Linda and Steve Harper are at the train station to meet Holly, Mother and Dad. Steve's composition has been bought by The New York Symphony!"
Sponsor: Old Dutch Cleanser
Announcer: Jack Costello
1. Program (0:00)
43PHRed.mp3 10:45-11:00AM The Road Of Life "Dr. Thompson calls on Carol. They discuss the marriage that's been called off."
Sponsor: Chipso Soap
Announcer: Mike Wallace (as "Myron" Wallace)
1. Program (0:00)
44PHRed.mp3 11:00-11:15AM The Story Of Mary Marlin "In a flashback, legless Michael almost kills himself in front of Mary, but he has second thoughts with the dawn!"
1. Conclusion of "The Road Of Life" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:00: "three thousand casualties, one battleship and one destroyer lost at Pearl Harbor." (1:06)
3. Program (1:41)
45PHRed.mp3 11:15-11:30AM Pepper Young's Family Preceded by an announcement of Prime Minister Churchill's speech at 3:00PM
"Mr. Brewster is going to New York, and hopefully will return with good news."
1. Program (0:00)
46PHRed.mp3 11:30-11:45AM The Bartons "'The story of an American Family in a middle western river town.' The series is also known as 'The Barton Family,' 'Those Bartons' and 'The Story of Bud Barton.'"
1. Program (0:00)
47PHRed.mp3 11:45AM-12:00PM David Harum "Ray and Peggy have discovered a man living in a supposedly empty house! David is worried!"
1. Program (0:00)
48PHRed.mp3 12:00-12:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Invocation (0:00)
2. "Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn calls the session to order. Majority leader John McCormack proposes the resolution to invite the President to speak." (2:04)
3. Description of the proceedings by Carlton Smith (3:50)
4. Commentary by Morgan Beatty: "includes remarks about the instantaneous news being made possible by radio." (6:18)
5. "Carlton Smith recounts the events of the 1917 Declaration of War." (9:07)
6. Report from H. R. Baukhage in the radio gallery of the Senate (13:10)
7. Interview of House Minority Leader Joseph Martin (16:29)
8. Bulletins at 12:17 from New York (17:11)
9. "Descriptions of the House chamber continues. The President enters." (19:33)
49PHRed.mp3 12:30-1:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. President Roosevelt's speech asking for a Declaration of War (0:00)
2. The Star-Spangled Banner (9:54)
3. "Morgan Beatty comments from the House. House Majority Leader John McCormack introduces the Resolution of War." (11:14)
4. "Don Gardner introduces H. R. Baukhage, who comments from the radio gallery of the Senate." Broadcast from the Capitol concludes. (14:10)
5. Bulletins at 12:46 from New York: "France has declared war against Japan. Brazil has indicated solidarity with the United States." (16:43)
6. Remote at 12:47 by Joseph Gallicchio and the Orchestra in Chicago begins. (17:48)
7. Bulletin at 12:53 from New York: "fighting north of Singapore continues." (23:47)
50PHRed.mp3 1:00-1:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. "H. R. Baukhage continues, describing the voting in the Senate. The vote is 82 to 0 in favor of war." (0:00)
2. Bulletins at 1:07 from New York: "Mexico is to declare war against Japan, so is Haiti." (7:43)
3. Joseph Gallicchio and The Homesteaders begin to play "The Stars and Stripes Forever March" at 1:09 from Chicago. (9:11)4. Bulletins at 1:12 from New York (11:36)
5. Gallicchio and band plays "Anchors Aweigh" (12:13)
6. Irving Miller and His Orchestra begin playing at 1:15 (13:42)
7. Switch to D. C. and Baukhage for analysis of the Senate vote (14:26)
8. Coverage from the House: "only Jeanette Rankin has voted 'No' on the war resolution." (17:54)
9. Baukhage reports again from the Senate (20:22)
10. "In New York, H. V. Kaltenborn comments on the vote of Jeanette Rankin." (22:54)
11. "Earl Godwin in Washington comments: 'What's happened today is the fastest thing that's ever happened in American history.' He starts to say some unkind things about Jeanette Rankin but is cut off the air." (25:06)
12. More coverage from the House (25:31)
13. Switch to Irving Miller (26:59)
51PHRed.mp3 1:30-1:45PM Irving Miller and His Orchestra 1. Intro and "Begin the Beguine" (0:00)
2. More Than You Know (3:06)
3. Luke The Spook (6:10)
4. Sad But True (8:39)
5. "Jealous" and Close (11:10)
52PHRed.mp3 1:45-2:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Bert Silan in Manila: "no sign of the Japanese yet, all reports to the contrary are denied. Reaction to President Roosevelt's speech." (0:00)
2. Report from Upton Close in San Francisco at 1:50: "a summary of late developments." (5:20)
3. News from New York: "Los Angeles expects an attack by two Japanese aircraft carriers suspected of being somewhere off the coast. News summary from New York." (9:30)
53PHRed.mp3 2:00-2:15PM The Light of the World "The story of Naomi and Ruth continues, taken from the Book of Ruth, Chapters 15, 16, 17."
1. Program (0:00)
54PHRed.mp3 2:15-2:30PM Mystery Man "Red Roses and White Roses"
"'The greatest mystery in life is human nature itself.' A man in a trench coat attempts murder, and then throws flowers!"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 2:29: "Manila is being bombed right now!" (14:43)
55PHRed.mp3 2:30-2:45PM Valiant Lady "Joan's father gets a call from Kowalski, offering him a promotion. He has to turn it down though, to help clean up 'this mess.' The president of General Mills speaks from Minneapolis, regarding sponsored programs during the emergency."
1. Program (0:00)
56PHRed.mp3 2:45-3:00PM Arnold Grimm's Daughter "Connie tends to Jeff's wounded leg. She's going to operate with a darning needle!"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 2:57: "Robert St. John in New York reports that Manila is being bombed. He describes Bert Silan's dramatic reports, but the Red net does not carry any of them!" (12:04)
57PHRed.mp3 3:00-3:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Part of Bulletin at 2:57: "Robert St. John in New York reports that Manila is being bombed. He describes Bert Silan's dramatic reports, but the Red net does not carry any of them!" (0:00)
2. Speech by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the British people, and the world, about the war situation (0:47)
3. Bulletin at 3:21: "Egypt has severed relations with Japan. Germans and Japanese are being rounded up in the Canal Zone. El Salvador has declared war against Japan. Schools in Alameda County (California) will be closed today. Wake Island has been attacked." (21:42)
4. Organ music at 3:24 (24:22)
58PHRed.mp3 3:30-3:45PM The Guiding Light "Jake confides to his mother that he's thinking of giving up his dream of being a lawyer and going to work in a store! Rose comes home ... something has happened!"
1. Program (0:00)
59PHRed.mp3 3:45-4:00PM Vic and Sade "Sade is upset about the contents of the bottom buffet drawer."
1. Program (0:00)
60PHRed.mp3 4:00-4:15PM Backstage Wife "Mary decides to tell Larry everything! Claude and Manton are partners, and Mary is involved! Should she tell Cecily? Cecily decides to see Claude."
1. Program (0:00)
61PHRed.mp3 4:15-4:30PM Stella Dallas "Fletcher arrives, but Melissa won't speak to him. Stella gets Melissa to promise to give Ruth $300 a month for life, even though she's entitled to millions! Melissa Hart is caught and beaten!"
1. Bulletin at 4:15: President Roosevelt signs the Declaration of War (0:00)
2. Program (0:16)
62PHRed.mp3 4:30-4:45PM Lorenzo Jones "Belle is laid up with a broken ankle. Lorenzo 'deceives' her and is planning to sell one of his inventions, but he is going to need $50!"
1. Program (0:00)
63PHRed.mp3 4:45-5:00PM Young Widder Brown "Ellen Brown and Anthony Loring are worried about Eloise. Frederick and Julie plan a course of action!"
1. Program (0:00)
64PHRed.mp3 5:00-5:15PM When A Girl Marries "Joan's mother is sure that the baby is starting to arrive, but it's a false alarm. Why is Joan so anxious to leave Stanwood and have the baby in Beachwood?"
1. Program (0:00)
65PHRed.mp3 5:15-5:30PM Portia Faces Life "Portia is thinking of Sam's anticipated proposal, but she doesn't love him! Mrs. Dalyrimple gives Portia a ride home from the hospital and learns that Arlene may know where Walter is. A few seconds are missing from the middle of the program."
1. Program (0:00)
66PHRed.mp3 5:30-5:45PM We The Abbotts "The story of a father and mother striving to protect their home."
"Jack is urged not to be so wasteful."
1. Bulletin at 5:30: "The White House claims that the Japanese attack will not cause the U. S. to abandon the Lend-Lease plan." (0:00)
2. Program (1:01)
67PHRed.mp3 5:45-6:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Rebroadcast of Report from Bert Silan and Don Bell in Manila. "Considered to be the first announced use of a recording on the Red net!" (0:00)
2. Music begins at 5:52 by The Four Vagabonds: "Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party" and "Yes Indeed!" (7:19)
68PHRed.mp3 6:00-6:30PM Clarence Furman and His Orchestra Note: The name could be "Berman"
1. Intro and "Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Ay" (0:00)
2. A Sinner Kissed an Angel (2:15)
3. Yo Te Yammo (?), Oh Baby (?) (4:34)
4. The Curry (?) Dance (7:11)
5. One Love To Another (10:15)
6. Barcaro (?) (by Offenbach) (12:29)
7. Blue Champagne (14:34)
8. Neglected (17:18)
9. Little Brown Jug (20:03)
10. Bulletins at 6:23: "the White House has announced that the Lend-Lease program will not be affected by the Japanese attack. All Japanese businesses and banks in the United States have been seized. There have been six air raids in the Philippines today. Wake Island has been 'smashed.' Guam is 'ringed with Japanese warships.' New attacks in Hawaii, Midway Island has been attacked, fighting continues in Malaya. There has been a report of mustard gas being dropped on Singapore." (22:43)
69PHRed.mp3 6:30-7:00PM Music Every American Knows 1. News at 6:30: "the U. S. oil industry is now on a 'war footing.'" (0:00)
2. Intro and "Yankee Doodle" (1:02)
3. Dixie (2:47)
4. Home, Home on the Range (4:25)
5. Turkey in the Straw (7:39)
6. Stars and Stripes Forever (10:21)
7. Bulletin at 6:43: "Iraq breaks relations with Japan." (13:57)
8. Rebroadcast of President Roosevelt's address to the Congress (15:11)
9. Filler music by the NBC Concert Orchestra: Idagio Paratet (?) (25:31)
70PHRed.mp3 7:00-7:15PM Words and Music Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians
1. Intro and "This is My Country" (0:00)
2. Everytime (3:00)
3. Medley of American Folk Songs (6:33)
71PHRed.mp3 7:15-7:30PM News of the World 1. Report from John Vandercook - "there are now three thousand casualties in Hawaii. Guam and Wake Island have been captured." (0:00)
2. Report from Earl Godwin in Washington - "Representative Charles Dingle is making charges of military unpreparedness. He demands five court martials for the 'naval debacle.' (1:20)
3. Report from London (4:51)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "'a very trying night after the bombing in Manila.' He summarizes casualties and damage done." (6:09)
5. Report from Vandercook - "the Germans have given up the attempt to capture Moscow this year. A Nazi tank squadron has been hit hard in Libya near Tobruk." (10:59)
6. Bulletins: "the Dominican Republic has just declared war on Japan. A report of a Japanese attack on Singapore. The Navy recruiting office in New York had to close due to excess demands to enlist." (13:35)
72PHRed.mp3 7:30-8:00PM The Cavalcade of America "A dedicated surgeon loses the love of his fiancee because of his devotion to medicine."
1. First half of program (0:00)
2. Second half of program (12:03)
73PHRed.mp3 8:00-8:30PM The Bell Telephone Hour 1. Bulletins at 8:00: "President Roosevelt is to address the nation tomorrow at 10 P.M. There is a blackout in Oregon, all radio stations in the state of Washington are to go off the air (except KIRO, Seattle). Seattle is preparing for war. Fort MacArthur (near Los Angeles) is evacuating women and children." (0:00)
2. Intro and "I Pledge Allegiance" (1:53)
3. Pomp and Circumstance (8:21)
4. Song (12:47)
5. My Prairie Home (?) (18:09)
6. Medley (22:30)
7. Star Spangled Banner (26:37)
74PHRed.mp3 8:30-9:00PM The Voice of Firestone 1. Bulletins at 8:30: "Unconfirmed reports have been received that Japanese troops have landed on Lubang in the Philippines. Former President Hoover has said, 'We must fight with everything we have.'" (0:00)
2. Intro (2:05)
3. Stars and Stripes Forever (4:11)
4. Arms For The Love Of America (7:54)
5. The Lord's Prayer (10:10)
6. Anchors Aweigh (13:06)
7. Harvey S. Firestone Jr. speaks from Akron, Ohio (15:40)
8. Battle Hymn of the Republic (17:20)
9. March For America (20:06)
10. God Bless America (24:24)
11. Star Spangled Banner (27:23)
12. Close (29:07)
75PHRed.mp3 9:00-9:30PM Doctor I. Q. From the Orpheum Theater in Des Moines
1. Bulletins at 9:00: "all four Spokane radio stations went off the air as of 8:00 P. M. All radio stations in Washington State, Oregon, eastern Idaho are off the air. The government of Shanghai is safe and well. All American officials are safe. 'All is quiet in Hawaii.' Chinese will wear a lapel button to show that they're not Japanese. Thirty one countries are at war, the total is to reach forty tomorrow." (0:00)
2. First half of program: "First question: 'Is Pearl Harbor located on Hawaii?' Dr. I. Q. mispronounces 'Oahu' twice." (2:00)
3. Second half of program (13:37)
4. Special message from Dr. I. Q. to the people of Hawaii and the audience sings The Star Spangled Banner (26:29)
76PHRed.mp3 9:30-10:00PM That Brewster Boy "In an effort to get Mrs. Brewster to take it easy, the family hires Lotte to help her out. Joey has an idea to get rid of her by marrying her off."
1. Bulletins at 9:30: "Guatemala has declared war against Japan. The Pacific coast of Canada is blacked out. A German air force general is reported to be in Tokyo. San Francisco radio stations have been ordered off the air." (0:00)
2. First half of program (2:06)
3. Second half of program (17:00)
77PHRed.mp3 10:00-10:30PM The Carnation Contented Hour "'A Portrait In Music' of Sarah Bernhardt. The life story of the famous French actress is dramatized, including her visit to the Carnation milk factory!"
1. Bulletins at 10:00: "Victoria, British Columbia has just had an air raid alert. British Columbia is blacked out because an attack by Japanese forces is imminent. There has been a trial blackout in Los Angeles. The B-1 tank manufactured by the Baldwin Locomotive Works has been turned over to the Army." (0:00)
2. Program (2:11)
3. Bulletin at 10:21: "No air attack is expected on the west coast." (21:32)
4. Program (21:59)
78PHRed.mp3 10:30-11:00PM Gypsy Fiddles From Chicago
1. Rebroadcast of President Roosevelt's address to the Congress (0:00)
2. Intro (7:34)
3. Songs My Mother Taught Me (9:33)
4. Start of "Gypsy Love Song" (11:49)
5. Bulletin at 10:42: "The San Francisco blackout was only a test." (13:01)
6. "Czaardas" conclusion (13:23)
7. When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry (14:55)
8. Dark Eyes (17:14)
9. Vaiarre (?) (20:59)
10. Czardasz (23:58)
11. Close (27:42)
79PHRed.mp3 11:00-11:15PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. "An address by Norman H. Davis on behalf of The American Red Cross. The Red Cross is beginning a drive to raise $50 million. The chairman of the Red Cross speaks from Washington D. C." (0:00)
2. News: "President Roosevelt is to address the nation tomorrow. Presidential spokesman Stephen Early declines to reveal whether the U. S. S. Pennsylvania was sunk or to reveal further military losses. A summary of Japanese attacks. Reports persist of a great naval battle taking place off Hawaii. Tokyo has been blacked out. The Japanese are claiming that six battleships, four destroyers, and many other American ships have been damaged or sunk. Other war news." (5:31)
80PHRed.mp3 11:15-11:30PM Story Dramas "Nelson Olmsted reads the story by Dorothy Parker."
1. Bulletins at 11:15: "fifteen unidentified planes have been sighted off the coast of San Francisco." (0:00)
2. Program (0:56)
81PHRed.mp3 11:30PM-12:00AM The Rhythmaires From KYW, Philadelphia
1. Bulletins at 11:30: "there are blackouts up and down the Pacific coast. The army is preparing to repel a possible invasion. The Philippines were bombed again today. There have been air raids all day long in Singapore." (0:00)
2. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (1:58)
3. In The Middle Of A Dance (2:47)
4. I Know Why (6:01)
5. I Love You More, More Every Day (9:10)
6. Midnight in Manhattan (11:21)
7. Bulletin at 11:43: "the all-clear signal has been given and San Francisco radio stations will soon return to the air." (15:07)
8. The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (15:50)
9. The Magic Of Magnolias (19:10)
10. Tonight We Love (22:20)
11. The Story Of The Baker's Wife (24:36)
12. Close - Rhythmania (theme) (27:58)
13. Commentary by H. V. Kaltenborn in New York begins (29:55)

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