Pearl Harbor Radio Transcriptions
NBC Blue Network
2:07PM December 7, 1941 - 11:45PM December 8, 1941

The almost continuous coverage presented in this collection is divided into the individual radio programs and news blocks broadcasted during these two days. Each are in their own mp3 file, starting with 01PHBlue.mp3, 02PHBlue.mp3 and so forth up to 80PHBlue.mp3 when coverage ends. Each program is undivided but times are given for each bulletin, song, or topic so that you can fast forward to them if you wish. The volume levels between and within programs have been edited to some degree to foster better listenability. However, levels will still vary slightly due to the nature of the broadcasts and the desire to avoid distortion. Some sound filtering was done and some skipped tracking in the original recordings was corrected. Once again, doing too much as to compromise the recordings was avoided. Some recordings are also inherently in poorer shape than others and cannot be helped much. The first hour, which has a long crack in the original record, is evidence of this. Most were recorded on Memovox discs, which were intended for dictation and not high-quality musical reproduction. However, a few programs were archived on higher quality acetate discs and are present here.

Encoded Speed: 128 Kbps

File Time Program Description
01PHBlue.mp3 December 7, 1941

Great Plays "The Inspector General"
1. Program (0:00)
2. First Bulletin (about 2:33PM) over NBC about the attack on Pearl Harbor (25:01)
3. Program (25:22)
4. Bulletin at 2:39PM: air attacks on Manila (31:08)
5. Program (31:42)
02PHBlue.mp3 3:00-4:00PM The Wake Up America Radio Forum "Today's Topic: 'Can There Be A Substantial Reduction in Non-Defense Expenditures of the Federal Government?' A 'Wake Up America' discussion, conducted by the American Economics Foundation."
1. Bulletin at 3:00PM: H. V. Kaltenborn says "this means war." (0:00)
2. Program (1:15)
3. Bulletin at about 3:30PM: "two Japanese planes have bombed Honolulu." (29:09)
4. Program (30:39)
5. Bulletin at 3:36PM: "a 'black' aircraft carrier is attacking Pearl Harbor" (36:23)
6. Program (36:46)
7. Bulletin at 3:49PM: "the Army is to require all men to wear uniforms, all Japanese nationals in Norfolk, Virginia are to be arrested." (48:50)
8. Program (50:29)
9. Bulletin at 3:55PM: Winston Churchill and the U.S. Ambassador to Britain are conferring about the attack on Pearl Harbor (55:03)
10. Program (55:43)
03PHBlue.mp3 4:00-4:30PM National Vespers "The sermon by Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick: 'Finding Unfailing Resources.'"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 4:06PM: "President Roosevelt to call a meeting of the Cabinet at 8:30 P. M. A remote from KGU, Honolulu, from the roof of the Advertiser Building. The unidentified announcer says, 'the attack has been going on three hours. This is no joke, this is a real war.' The telephone operator ends the transmission for an 'emergency call'. Further news: envoys Normura and Kurusu were with Secretary of State Cordell Hull when the attack began." (6:14)
3. Report from H. R. Baukhage in D.C.: "the FBI is ready." (10:02)
4. Bulletins: Senate leaders are preparing for an emergency session tomorrow. The Secretary of War orders all military personnel on active duty to appear Monday in uniform. (17:19)
5. Program (19:49)
6. Report from Baukhage, "who reads President Roosevelt's message to the Emperor of Japan." (22:10)
7. Bulletins: Parachute troops sighted off Harbor Point (28:30)
04PHBlue.mp3 4:30-5:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from London: "Britain's declaration of war will follow America's by one hour." (0:00)
2. Report from Upton Close in San Franscisco: "The Japanese consul in San Francisco denies any knowledge of the attack." (1:45)
3. Report from KGU, Honolulu: "a summary of the attack. The report of an attorney who was flying his own plane when the Japanese attacked. Three hundred and fifty men have been killed at Hickum Field." (13:35)
4. A telegram from David Sarnoff to President Roosevelt is read. (18:22)
5. A roundtable discussion begins: "From Washington: Senator Elbert Thomas (Utah), Senator Walter George (Georgia), Representative Luther A. Johnson (Texas)." (19:05)
05PHBlue.mp3 5:00-5:15PM The Moylan Sisters "Billed as 'America's Youngest Harmony Team'"
1. Conclusion of roundtable from Washington (0:00)
2. Bulletins: The Secretary of War orders companies with defense contracts to institute measures to prevent sabotage. At the Japanese Consulate in New York, records are being carted away and possibly burned. (1:27)
3. Intro (3:35)
4. The Rosary (5:09)
5. The Stubborn Donkey (8:43)
6. Tree (12:20)
7. Close (15:28)
8. Bulletin at 5:15PM: "'Japanese Flash': 'Imperial Headquarters announces a state of war with the United States.'" (18:10)
06PHBlue.mp3 5:15-5:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Upton Close in San Francisco (0:00)
2. Switch to Manila but report sounds like it's in "Tagalog" (1:42)
3. Return to Close: "Japan has declared war against Britain." (2:27)
4. Report from Ford Wilkins in Manila: "a summary of late events. Manila has not been bombed. General MacArthur has tried to calm the people. Wilkins ends his report by returning to CBS (which either indicates confusion by Mr. Wilkins or a pool feed)." (5:01)
5. Report from H. V. Kaltenborn in New York: "a British gunboat has been sunk in Singapore. Isolationist Senator Burton Wheeler is quoted as saying, "This means war and we'll have to see it through." (8:01)
07PHBlue.mp3 5:30-6:00PM The Wheeling Steel Company Family Broadcast "From Wheeling, West Virginia, with employees of The Wheeling Corrugated Steel Company."
1. Intro (0:00)
2. My Melancholy Baby (2:00)
3. St. Louis Blues (5:19)
4. Wait 'Til The Sun Shines, Nelly (8:01)
5. St. James Infirmary (10:13)
6. Cuddle Up A Little Closer (11:57)
7. The Waiter, The Porter, And The Upstairs Maid (13:47)
8. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (16:59)
9. Birth Of The Blues (21:02)
10. Start of "Angels of Mercy" (24:53)
08PHBlue.mp3 6:00-6:15PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Bulletins: "at least fifty Japanese planes now attacking Hawaii. An eyewitness report of the attack is read." (0:00)
2. Report from Bert Silan in Manila: "there has been no Japanese attack here. The Japanese government has declared war against the United States." (3:37)
09PHBlue.mp3 6:15-6:30PM New Friends Of Music "Remote from Town Hall, New York - Joined in progress nine minutes in."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Report from H. R. Baukhage in Washington: "Japanese planes have been spotted over Guam. The statement by Secretary of State Early is read." (3:42)
3. Program: "Mozart's 'Berlin' Quartet is performed." (7:42)
4. Organ music filler by George Crook (15:07)
10PHBlue.mp3 6:30-6:45PM Drew Pearson 1. Program: "Commentary from Washington, with Robert S. Allen. Three battleships at Pearl Harbor have been hit. The Japanese have bombed British bases. Japanese and German journalists have had their credentials revoked. Predictions of things to come: next week, Secretary of the Navy Knox will appoint a new press secretary. The audience is reminded of an October prediction that we would be at war before the end of the year. They predict that the United States and Britain will declare war against Japan tomorrow. Flash: a Japanese aircraft carrier has just been sunk!"
11PHBlue.mp3 6:45-7:00PM Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt 1. Program: "News commentary and a message to American women. Mrs. Roosevelt interviews a corporal from Fort Dix on the subject of military morale (using the name "Jimmy Cannon," he would later become a famous sports writer). Leon Pearson 'questions' Mrs. Roosevelt." After the program, a report from Ankara, Turkey begins.
12PHBlue.mp3 7:00-7:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Mary Brock in Ankara, Turkey: "a famine is raging in Greece. 'The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding over the Greek islands.'" (0:00)
2. Report from Grant Parr in Cairo: "the British are battling Nazi tanks in the desert. The Germans are on the defensive." (4:04)
3. Report from Fred Bates in London: "there has been no official British statement yet." (9:05)
4. Announcement: "NBC will operate coast to coast on a twenty four hour basis." Report by H. R. Baukhage from the White House: "he mentions that the first bulletin was dispatched at 2:24 P. M." (13:43)
5. Report from Bert Silan in Manila: "the Japanese have taken over Shanghai and declared martial law. Nonessential personnel are preparing to evacuate Manila." (20:39)
6. Report from Upton Close in San Francisco: "the Japanese consul is burning documents." (25:41)
13PHBlue.mp3 7:30-8:00PM Captain Flagg And Sergeant Quirt "Sgt. Quirt plans to use hypnosis against Sgt. Bliss, but Capt. Flagg becomes 'a little wild flower, growing milder every hour.'"
1. Program: "Transmission starts with the start of 'The Fitch Bandwagon' for the first forty five seconds." (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 7:32PM: "San Francisco is now in a state of emergency." (2:49)
3. Program (3:11)
4. Bulletin about 7:51PM: "104 dead, over 300 wounded on Oahu" (20:05)
5. Program (20:28)
14PHBlue.mp3 8:00-8:30PM Roy Shields Revue "The program features a tribute to the Bible. First selection: 'The Lord's Prayer.' Walter Pidgeon reads the story of 'The Good Samaritan.' The program features, 'A Bugle Calling Tonight,' heard on radio for the first time. The program starts slightly upcut."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 8:03PM: "The Dutch East Indies has declared war on Japan." (2:34)
3. Program (2:58)
4. Bulletin at 8:16PM: "Costa Rica has declared war on Japan." (14:47)
5. Program (15:01)
15PHBlue.mp3 8:30-9:00PM Inner Sanctum "The Island Of Death"
"When in Haiti, 'voodoo unto others as you would have them voodoo unto you!'"
1. Bulletins at 8:30PM: "Hawaii has come under two air attacks today.", General MacArthur has ordered all women and children to evacuate Manila. (0:00)
2. First half of program (0:27)
3. Second half of program (13:47)
16PHBlue.mp3 9:00-9:15PM The Jergens Journal (Walter Winchell) "WKAT Miami Beach origination"
1. Program: "Chiang Kai Shek will launch a four million man counter-offensive. The Japanese attackers were a suicide force. The U. S. Navy was waiting for them when they showed up. Sister ships of the Bismarck are sailing for the Japanese navy. The Japs own one hundred Messerschmitts and are manufacturing one thousand planes a month! The recording starts upcut."
17PHBlue.mp3 9:15-9:30PM The Parker Family "Richard promises to deliver an important bid to Lincolnsville for Mr. Parker."
1. Program
18PHBlue.mp3 9:30-9:45PM Dear John "Mr. Novack seems to want to keep Mrs. Chandler in Scotland against her will. A plan to escape on horseback fails. Box 6, letter 65."
1. Program
19PHBlue.mp3 9:45-10:00PM Songs By Dinah Shore 1. Intro and "What Do You Think I Am?" (0:00)
2. Love Me Or Leave Me (2:37)
3. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (6:40)
4. Memoirs of a Delimma (8:24)
5. Start of "How Deep Is The Ocean?": "a tune for the military stationed on Wake Island, probably making this the first wartime dedication to the U. S. forces." (11:24)
6. Bulletin at 9:57PM: "Holland and Canada have declared war on Japan." (12:37)
7. Conclusion of "How Deep Is The Ocean?" and Close (12:46)
20PHBlue.mp3 10:00-11:00PM The Goodwill Hour "First case, Mr. K. B. is going with a girl engaged to someone else, while he's supporting his mother. The show begins upcut about one minute."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at about 10:23PM: "West coast cities are on a state of alert. Isolationists are changing their opinions. The headline in The Chicago Tribune: 'Our Country, Right Or Wrong.'" (23:12)
3. Program (26:30)
4. Bulletin at about 10:38PM: "President Roosevelt to address Congress tomorrow at noon." (38:40)
5. Program (38:57)
21PHBlue.mp3 11:00-11:15PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from H. R. Baukhage in Washington - "There's a feeling of relief here." (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:03PM: air raid on Singapore (2:56)
3. Report from Robert St. John in New York - "Nicaragua has declared war against Japan. Mexico is to consider a declaration tomorrow. The Panama Canal Zone is on a wartime footing: all Japanese have been placed under arrest. Blackout conditions are in effect." (3:06)
4. Report from John Vandercook - "What had the Japanese hoped to accomplish?"; "Japan is trying to create an Axis diversion." (6:53)
5. Bulletin from St. John - "A Japanese aircraft carrier has been sunk. Singapore has been bombed." (12:22)
6. Conclusion of Vandercook's report (12:56)
22PHBlue.mp3 11:15-11:30PM The Legion Answers The Call "An address by the National Commander of the American Legion, 'The Legion Again Answers The Call.' Washington origination."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:23PM: "the Pan American base in Guam has been bombed." (11:34)
3. Program (11:54)
23PHBlue.mp3 11:30PM-12:00AM Pearl Harbor Coverage "A round table discussion by: H. V. Kaltenborn (New York), H. R. Baukhage (Washington), Edward Tomlinson (Chicago), Max Jordan (New York), Morgan Beatty (Washington), Wilbur Fleischer (Washington), Ernest Lindley (Washington), Upton Close (San Francisco), William Hillman (New York)."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 11:45PM from Singapore: Japanese troops land in Northern Malaya (15:45)
3. Program (15:58)
4. Bulletin at 11:53PM: "General Tojo promises victory to the Japanese people." (22:51)
5. Program (24:03)
24PHBlue.mp3 December 8, 1941

Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Edward H. Berman in Buenos Aires - "Argentina's reaction to the Japanese attack." (0:00)
2. Report from Pete Brennan in Panama City - news from the Canal Zone (3:00)
3. Report from Rio de Janero (6:42)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "a description of the Japanese attack on the city. The Pan Am Clipper in the harbor has been bombed. Japanese troops have been repelled by the British in Borneo." (9:25)
5. "From New York, Jack Costello recaps editorial opinions from the New York Times, New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Daily News, The Washington Times, The Chicago Daily Times." (13:20)
6. "Fred Bates reports from London about British editorial comments." (17:08)
7. The Star-Spangled Banner - played by the NBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Frank Black and vocal by Lucy Monroe. (21:51)
25PHBlue.mp3 12:30-1:00AM Richard Himber and His Orchestra 1. Program - First tune: "What Is This Thing Called Love?" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 12:34AM: "President Roosevelt has authorized the arrest of Japanese nationals considered a danger to the United States." (3:10)
3. Program (3:59)
4. Bulletin at 12:39AM: "General Hershey (the head of the Selective Service) is increasing induction quotas." (8:54)
5. Program (9:27)
6. Bulletin at 12:54AM: "David Sarnoff's telegram to President Roosevelt is read, a reading of the statement made by NBC president Niles Trammel." (24:38)
7. Commentary by H. V. Kaltenborn: "Japan must be desperate to instill a state of confusion. There has been no decisive military results of the attack. One American warship has been damaged. There has been no significant destruction of American supplies. The attack on the Hawaiian island is a failure." (26:48)
26PHBlue.mp3 1:00-1:15AM (Miles or Harlow?) Smith and His Orchestra "From The Blue and White Pump Room of The Hotel Ambassador East, Chicago"
1. Report conclusion from H. V. Kaltenborn (0:00)
2. Program (0:45)
3. Bulletin at 1:03AM: "New York's Mayor La Guardia and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt are to arrive in San Francisco tomorrow." (2:42)
4. Program (3:05)
5. Bulletin at 1:11AM: "Informed sources at the BBC predict that Germany will declare war against the United States within twenty four hours." (11:13)
6. Program (11:34)
27PHBlue.mp3 1:15-1:45AM Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra "From The Panther Room of The College Inn, Hotel Sherman, Chicago"
1. Theme and Start of "Won't You Please Come Home?" (0:00)
2. Bulletin at around 1:16AM: "A. F. of L. millmen in San Diego have ended their strike because of 'the war situation.'" (1:24)
3. Conclusion of "Won't You Please Come Home?" (2:08)
4. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (3:25)
5. Davenport Blues (7:00)
6. I Found You In The Rain (10:18)
7. The Sherman Shout (13:30)
8. Start of "City Called Heaven" (17:53)
9. Bulletin at about 1:38AM: "Ten Japanese ships have been sighted off the coast of Siam. Australia is to declare war against Japan." (20:30)
10. Conclusion of "Yes My Darling Daughter" (21:49)
11. Timeout (24:24)
12. Theme (27:13)
28PHBlue.mp3 1:45-2:00AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Start of report from William Hillman
29PHBlue.mp3 2:00-2:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from William Hillman - "A summary of known Japanese military actions to the hour and analysis. Unconfirmed report: some of the attacking planes at Pearl Harbor had a Nazi swastika!" (0:00)
2. Report (probably) from Upton Close in San Francisco - "China will support the United States. 'The Japanese American League' is stunned and horrified. They have informed President Roosevelt that 'we condemn Japan and volunteer to defend ... this land from attack.'" (6:49)
3. Report from Bert Silan in Manila - "a feeling of impending things to come has gripped the city. All radio stations in Manila are to go off the air in two hours." (10:26)
4. Classical music at about 2:16AM (15:28)
5. Bulletins from D.C.: "Anzac troops are fighting the Japanese near Singapore. White House guards have been issued tommy guns. Washington is on the alert, the police are guarding the Japanese embassy." (16:37)
6. Bulletin from New York about Mexico (19:36)
7. Classical music from San Francisco by Carl College (?) and His Orchestra at about 2:20AM (20:07)
30PHBlue.mp3 2:30-3:00AM Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra "From the Florentine Gardens, Hollywood"
Note: There is massive skipping, even during the bulletin.
1. Program: Intro ("Rhapsody in Blue"), Liza, My Fantasy, Take The "A" Train, The Rocking Chair, Delilah, Waltz of the Flower, start of "A Sinner Kissed an Angel", Bulletin at 2:50AM: "The FBI is rounding up suspicious Japanese in New York City.", "A Sinner Kissed an Angel" conclusion, Whisteria (?), "Turnabout Says I" and program close
31PHBlue.mp3 3:00-3:30AM Henry Busse and His Orchestra "From the Rose Room Bowl of The Palace Hotel, San Francisco"
1. Song (0:00)
2. Time and Time Again (2:29)
3. Yes Indeed (5:55)
4. Start of "A Sinner Kissed An Angel" (8:51)
5. Bulletin at 3:09AM: "The Japanese have fled Singapore after being fired upon by the British." (9:22)
6. Conclusion of "A Sinner Kissed An Angel" (9:42)
7. Green Eyes (11:59)
8. Start of "Apple Blossom Time" (15:10)
9. Bulletin at 3:16AM: "Dutch planes have joined the British at Singapore fighting the Japanese. Hong Kong has been bombed by nine Japanese planes." (16:37)
10. Conclusion of "Apple Blossom Time" (17:12)
11. Medley: "Coquette, Once in Awhile, Sweet And Lovely" (18:36)
12. Boomba a Joomba (?) (22:52)
13. "Huckleberry Duck" and Close (24:51)
32PHBlue.mp3 3:30-4:00AM Stan Kenton and His Orchestra "From the Hollywood Palladium"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 3:48AM: "The Japanese have bombed Kowloon." (21:15)
3. Program concludes (23:19)
33PHBlue.mp3 4:00-4:30AM Bill Clifford and His Orchestra "From the Bal Tabarin Theatre and Restaurant in San Francisco"
1. "If Only I Had You" (Theme) and "Coffee and Cakes" (0:00)
2. You'll Never Remember (3:23)
3. Cugat's Umbo (?) (6:21)
4. Delilah (9:51)
5. Copa Capital (?) (11:46)
6. Whistler's Mother-in-Law (14:13)
7. Flamingo (16:45)
8. Green Eyes (20:20)
9. Tonight We Love (22:09)
10. Start of "Everytime" (26:32)
11. Bulletin at 4:27AM: "Great Britain has declared war on Japan." (27:28)
12. Conclusion of "Everytime" and program close (27:57)
34PHBlue.mp3 4:30-5:00AM Bob Stevens Sings With Harold Curtis At The Organ 1. I Know Why (0:00)
2. Wasn't It You? (4:30)
3. Bulletin at 4:37AM: "The Japanese Imperial High Command announces an attack on Hong Kong and successful landings on the Malay Peninsula. The U. S. warship 'Wake' has been captured." (7:00)
4. Eyes of Blue Come Smiling Through (9:17)
5. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (11:06)
6. Garden in the Rain (14:28)
7. Take Me in Your Arms (18:06)
8. Stay As Sweet As You Are (22:00)
9. This Love of Mine (23:41)
10. Start of "I'd Love You More Everyday" (25:25)
11. Bulletin at 4:56AM from Manila: "Bert Silan reports that Japanese bombers have attacked the Philippines. The natives still side with the United States, a blackout is in effect. Thailand has been attacked in three different locations by the Japanese." (26:05)
35PHBlue.mp3 5:00-5:26AM Morning Varieties (with Al and Lee Rider, Vocals by Vi and Vilma) 1. Tonight We Love (0:00)
2. Rose-A-Dey (?) (2:02)
3. I'll Wait For You (3:54)
4. Elmer's Tune (6:14)
5. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (7:50)
6. You And I (9:52)
7. Gay Ranchero (12:35)
8. Hi, Neighbor (14:16)
9. A Sinner Kissed An Angel (15:26)
10. Time Was (?) (17:23)
11. Start of "Perfidia" (19:59)
12. Bulletin at 5:21AM: "President Roosevelt says military losses in Hawaii have been 'heavy.' Three hundred and fifty killed, three hundred wounded. The German radio says that the attack was a success. The ship 'President Harrison' has been sunk and seized on the Yangtze River. Singapore and Hong Kong have been attacked. Many countries have declared war against Japan. The President is to address Congress." (21:22)
13. Conclusion of song - piano (24:14)
36PHBlue.mp3 5:26-6:00AM Morning Varieties (with The Lyric Singers) 1. Listen To The Lamb (0:00)
2. Land Where The Good Songs (?) Grow (4:15)
3. Start of "Evocation (?) of Night" (5:46)
4. Bulletin at 5:32AM: "The Japanese have landed three miles north of Singapore." (6:17)
5. Conclusion of "Evocation (?) of Night" (6:49)
6. Gyspy Love Song (9:54)
7. Start of "Somewhere A Voice Is Calling" (12:34)
8. Bulletin at 5:39AM: "The Japanese have attacked Mindanao in the Philippines." (13:48)
9. Conclusion of "Somewhere A Voice Is Calling" (14:06)
10. It's Me, Oh Lord (15:56)
11. Start of "'Neath The Southern Moon" (18:56)
12. Bulletin at 5:46AM: "Casualty figures for the bombing of Singapore." (20:38)
13. Conclusion of "'Neath The Southern Moon" (20:58)
14. By The Bend Of The River (21:07)
15. The Road To Paradise (23:56)
16. Yougess (?) Waltz and Close (25:49)
37PHBlue.mp3 6:00-6:30AM The Andrini Trio 1. Program opening and "El Relicario (?)" (0:00)
2. Gorna El Seyato (?) (Neopolitan Love Song) (3:24)
3. El Chocto (?) (6:04)
4. Start of "Dark Eyes" (8:09)
5. Bulletin at 6:09AM: "All men of The Ground Observation System are to report to Mitchell Field or your superior. Switch to Washington D.C.: Guards are now posted around The White House." (9:31)
6. Song (11:27)
7. Start of "Ande Mesia (?)" (13:28)
8. Bulletin at 6:16AM: "Japanese nationals are being rounded up in Britain." (16:17)
9. Song (16:36)
10. Carlena (?) (18:45)
11. Quartette from Rigoletto (20:42)
12. Estrellita (Little Star) (24:13)
13. "Diera me Mucho (?)" and program close (26:11)
38PHBlue.mp3 6:30-7:00AM Sunrise Revue A DJ show with Dick Dudley
1. News at 6:30AM: "President Roosevelt is to address the nation at 12:30 P. M. The Battle of Tobruk is still being fought. The Mitchell Field announcement is repeated." (0:00)
2. Opening (4:45)
3. The Volunteer (6:49)
4. Beautiful Beckoning Hands - by John Siegel (10:38)
5. Oh Suzanna (12:44)
6. I'm Thrilled - by Glenn Miller (14:41)
7. The Penthouse Serenade - by Bob Crosby (17:23)
8. Start of "Make Love To Me" - by Teddy Powell (21:22)
9. Bulletin at 7:53AM from San Francisco: "a report from Manila (or someplace else in Asia)" (24:27)
10. "WJZ picks up the end of a net feed of a program with Joseph Marais." (26:59)
39PHBlue.mp3 7:00-8:00AM Breakfast in Bedlam "Ed East (formerly of 'Sisters Of The Skillet') hosts a mixture of recorded and live music, happy chatter, and 'Polly' (a girl, not a parrot) who gives the time almost continuously."
1. Opening and chat (0:00)
2. Louisiana Lullaby - by Kay Kyser; chat (2:04)
3. The Window Washer Man; chat (5:33)
4. I Yi Yi Yi Yi - by The Andrews Sisters (10:49)
5. Promotional Transcription of "Three Ring Time", a new comedy on the Blue Net (13:42)
6. Two in Love - by Tommy Dorsey (16:17)
7. I Can't Give You Anything But Love - by Ed East at the studio piano; chat (19:13)
8. The Anniversary Waltz; chat (22:01)
9. Stars And Stripes Forever March (28:11)
10. 'Tis Autumn - by Jan Savitt (31:31)
11. Instrumental Song (35:44)
12. Madelaine (38:15)
13. Dee-I-Di (?) (42:37)
14. My Ranchero (?) - by Sammy Kaye (45:46)
15. Instrumental Song (48:37)
16. News at 7:55AM with "Your Esso Reporter": "Bulletin: Britain declares war on Japan. 'The damage to Pearl Harbor is tremendous.' Guam is under seige. Australia is at war with Japan. Five places have been bombed in the Philippines." (51:19)
40PHBlue.mp3 8:00-8:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Charles Lyoness (?) in Berne, Switzerland: "An analysis of German reactions to the Japanese attack." (0:00)
2. Report from John McVane in London: "Prime Minister Churchill is to address Parliament in about one hour. British troops are fighting the Japanese in Thailand and Malaya. A summary of other Japanese attacks." (5:28)
3. Commentary from Earl Godwin in Washington (9:48)
4. Report from Bert Silan in Manila: "Don Bell is introduced who describes the blackout in the city. (poor circuit) 'Little has happened in the Philippines in the last eight hours.'" (15:05)
5. Program with The Ross Singers begins; First Tune: "Cherry" (19:35)
6. Do I Worry? (22:21)
7. Somebody Stole My Gal (25:13)
8. Up A Lazy River (27:27)
41PHBlue.mp3 8:30-8:45AM Texas Jim Robertson "Texas Jim accompanies himself on the guitar and has a deep voice like Tex Ritter's."
1. Opening, "Saddle Your Troubles To A Wild Mustang" and "The Old Hitchin' Post" (0:00)
2. A Worried Mind (4:24)
3. Stories: "They Just Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around" and another story about a dog that likes to pour out a man's spirits. (6:59)
4. "I Wish I Had A Sweetheart", "Great-Grand-Dad of the West (?)" and Close (10:45)
42PHBlue.mp3 8:45-9:00AM Organ Music By Elwin Owen 1. Program (0:00)
2. News at 8:55AM from Chicago: "A U. S. aircraft carrier and the minesweeper 'Penguin' has been sunk. Many other American ships have been sunk, the Japanese have claimed that one hundred planes have been shot down in Manila. Thailand has surrendered." (9:43)
43PHBlue.mp3 9:00-10:00AM The Breakfast Club 1. News continues from Chicago (0:00)
2. Program ("First tune, 'I Got Swing For Sale' (a great rhythm number by the Vagabonds).") (1:17)
3. Bulletin at 9:11AM: "The Chinese government has declared war against the Axis, other war news." (11:20)
4. Program (14:03)
5. News at 9:15AM from John McVane in London: "Britain has declared war on Japan, a summary of Churchill's statement. Charles Collingwood comments on the British statements. The Netherlands has declared war against Japan. Exciting listening as Collingwood and McVane swap alternating bulletins. Late news from New York." (14:30)
6. Program (29:00)
7. Second half of program begins (30:24)
8. More news at 9:38AM from John McVane and Charles Collingwood in London: "more summaries of Churchill's speech, 'This was not a good example of Churchill's oratory.'" (38:32)
9. Program (43:34)
44PHBlue.mp3 10:00-10:15AM Clark Dennis Sings 1. Conclusion of "The Breakfast Club" (0:00)
2. Intro and "I Wish I Had A Dime For Every Time I Missed You" (0:43)
3. Below The Equator (?) (3:30)
4. Wild About Harry (6:46)
5. Just A Wearyin' For You (8:03)
6. Song: Instrumental (10:43)
7. "This Time The Dream's On Me" and Close (12:13)
45PHBlue.mp3 10:15-10:30AM News Of The Day 1. Program: "Churchill has declared that Britain is at war against the Japanese, so has China. Mrs. Roosevelt and Mayor La Guardia are heading for the West Coast. 'Our losses have been heavy.' Japan has sunk the battleships 'Oklahoma' and 'West Virginia.' Thailand has surrendered. A report of the first American soldier killed in the Pacific. More late news bulletins. 'Women in Defense,' an essay about the banishment of fear."
46PHBlue.mp3 10:30-10:45AM A House in The Country "Volume 1, Chapter 31: Bruce tries to paint a picture of volunteer firemen. This is not as easy as it sounds."
1. Program
47PHBlue.mp3 10:45-11:00AM Familiar Melodies "The Viennese Street Ensemble: from Chicago"
1. "Fred Bates reports from London about Churchill's just concluded address to Parliament." (0:00)
2. Program (5:10)
3. Bulletin at 10:55AM: "Three thousand casualties, fifteen hundred fatalities in Hawaii." (10:21)
4. Program (10:54)
48PHBlue.mp3 11:00-11:15AM Raising The Next President "A weekly program produced by The Children's Bureau of the U. S. Department of Labor. 'Somewhere in the United States is a child growing up who will be elected President in 1992!' A seventeen year old loses his finger in a sawmill and has to decide whether to file a Workman's Compensation claim or settle with his boss. After the dramatization, a panel discusses the case."
1. Conclusion of "Familiar Melodies" (0:00)
2. Program (0:56)
49PHBlue.mp3 11:15-11:30AM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. News bulletins: "There has been no air raid yet in Manila, spies have been caught. One hundred American planes have been shot down over the Philippines. Only the battleship 'West Virginia' has been sunk. Wall Street is operating as usual, but trading in Japanese government bonds has been suspended. Australia is now on a war footing." (0:00)
2. Report from Earl Godwin in Washington: "There has been more damage done to Pearl Harbor than has been previously reported. About three thousand casualties in Hawaii. Many bombs have been dropped on Honolulu. Congress is prepared to do whatever the president asks of them. More news bulletins begin to be heard from New York." (5:48)
50PHBlue.mp3 11:30AM-12:00PM Prescott Presents "First tune, 'Our Love Affair.' Allen Prescott interviews kids from Brooklyn, gives helpful shopping hints, laundry and window cleaning tips. The cast does a comedy skit set in 'Prescott Prison,' and also, 'The Mystery Of The Missing Orchestra.'"
1. First half of program (0:00)
2. Second half of program (14:36)
51PHBlue.mp3 12:00-12:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage (Coverage of the Joint Session of Congress) 1. Invocation (0:00)
2. "Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn calls the session to order. Majority leader John McCormack proposes the resolution to invite the President to speak." (1:48)
3. Description of the proceedings by Carlton Smith (3:30)
4. Commentary by Morgan Beatty: "includes remarks about the instantaneous news being made possible by radio." (6:02)
5. "Carlton Smith recounts the events of the 1917 Declaration of War." (8:32)
6. Report from H. R. Baukhage in the radio gallery of the Senate (12:24)
7. Interview of House Minority Leader Joseph Martin (15:36)
8. Bulletins at 12:17PM from New York (16:23)
9. "Descriptions of the House chamber continues. The President enters." (18:33)
52PHBlue.mp3 12:30-1:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage (Coverage of the Joint Session of Congress) 1. President Roosevelt's speech asking for a Declaration of War (0:00)
2. The Star-Spangled Banner (7:56)
3. "Morgan Beatty comments from the House. House Majority Leader John McCormack introduces the Resolution of War." (9:20)
4. "Don Gardner introduces H. R. Baukhage, who comments from the radio gallery of the Senate." (11:58)
5. Morgan Beatty summarizes President Roosevelt's speech. Broadcast from the Capitol concludes. (13:56)
6. Bulletins at 12:46PM from New York: "France has declared war against Japan. Brazil has indicated solidarity with the United States." (15:51)
7. Remote at 12:47PM by Joseph Gallicchio and His Orchestra in Chicago begins. (16:43)
8. Bulletin at 12:53PM from New York: "Fighting north of Singapore continues. The first blackout is reported from Tokyo." (22:28)
9. Music continues (24:02)
10. Bulletin at 12:56PM: "The Senate has passed the resolution of war unanimously. H. R. Baukhage reports from the Senate radio gallery." (26:25)
53PHBlue.mp3 1:00-1:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage (Coverage of the Joint Session of Congress) 1. "H. R. Baukhage continues, describing the voting in the Senate. The vote is 82 to 0 in favor of war." (0:00)
2. Bulletins at 1:07PM from New York: "Mexico is to declare war against Japan, Haiti has already done so." (8:01)
3. Joseph Gallicchio and The Homesteaders begin to play "The Stars and Stripes Forever March" at 1:09PM from Chicago. "El Capitan March" begins. (9:31)
4. Bulletins at 1:12PM from New York (11:56)
5. Gallicchio and band plays "Anchors Aweigh" (12:34)
6. At 1:15PM: "Between The Bookends" with Ted Malone begins. (14:01)
7. Switch to D. C. and Baukhage for analysis of the Senate vote (15:04)
8. Coverage from the House: "Only Jeanette Rankin has voted 'No' on the war resolution." (18:31)
9. Baukhage reports again from the Senate (20:57)
10. "In New York, H. V. Kaltenborn comments on the vote of Jeanette Rankin." (23:29)
11. "Earl Godwin in Washington comments: 'What's happened today is the fastest thing that's ever happened in American history.' He starts to say some unkind things about Jeanette Rankin but is cut off the air." (25:40)
12. More coverage from the House (26:05)
13. "Between The Bookends" concludes (27:29)
54PHBlue.mp3 1:30-1:45PM Religion and The New World "Dr. Joseph Sizoo (?) speaks from Cincinnati on the subject: 'To Each His Task." A patriotic/religious talk. 'Nothing is ever settled until it is settled right.' Under the auspices of the Churches Of Christ in America."
1. Program
55PHBlue.mp3 1:45-2:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Report from Bert Silan in Manila: "No sign of the Japanese yet, all reports to the contrary are denied. Reaction to President Roosevelt's speech." (0:00)
2. Report from Upton Close in San Francisco at 1:50PM: "a summary of late developments." (5:33)
3. News from New York: "Los Angeles expects an attack by two Japanese aircraft carriers suspected of being somewhere off the coast. News summary from New York." (9:42)
56PHBlue.mp3 2:00-2:21PM Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra 1. Green Eyes (0:00)
2. Twilight In Catalina (2:11)
3. Concerto For Two (4:27)
4. Bulletin at 2:07PM: "The only German reporter in Washington D. C. has just had his press credentials revoked." (6:57)
5. Conclusion of Song (7:33)
6. Hawaiian War Chant (9:29)
7. Just A Wish On A Falling Star (12:48)
8. Gin Rummy (16:05)
9. Start of Medley: "Make Believe, Why Do I Love You?, What Is This Thing Called Love?" (18:45)
57PHBlue.mp3 2:21-2:45PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Switch to Manila at 2:21PM: "Bert Silan reports, 'This time I have a real scoop for you! Right now Manila is being bombed! The sky is absolutely crimson!' Don Bell starts to describe the attack, the report from Manila continues. Bert Silan incorrectly gives the time on the East Coast as 9:15. Twenty five planes have been destroyed, three hundred casualties reported in the Phillipines. Corregidor has been bombed. Bombs and anti-aircraft guns can be heard in the background. Bert Silan reports that the elevator boy ran out on him and he had to climb eight stories to get onto the roof. The circuit from Manila fades out."
58PHBlue.mp3 2:45-3:00PM In Care Of Aggie Horn "Chicago origination. Aggie has spanked her niece, Monica Lee. Mrs. Lawrence comes to visit, and that could mean trouble."
1. Program
59PHBlue.mp3 3:00-3:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Speech by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the British people, and the world, about the war situation (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 3:21PM: "Egypt has severed relations with Japan. Germans and Japanese are being rounded up in the Canal Zone. El Salvador has declared war against Japan. Schools in Alameda County (California) will be closed today. Wake Island has been attacked." (21:02)
3. Organ music at 3:24PM (23:44)
60PHBlue.mp3 3:30-3:45PM John's Other Wife "Hope asks Elizabeth Perry why Leonard was invited to dinner. A strained evening begins."
1. Program
61PHBlue.mp3 3:45-4:00PM Just Plain Bill "Mr. Gilbert has offered Cary Donovan a job ... a very important one! Young Wickie however, is being poorly influenced by Sonny Gilbert, who is very spoiled. Bill thinks this is serious!"
1. Program
62PHBlue.mp3 4:00-5:00PM Club Matinee 1. News bulletins from New York: "President Roosevelt is preparing to sign the Declaration of War that has just been passed by Congress. A recap of news from the Philippines, other news from the Pacific. 'Mustard gas is reported dropped on Singapore.'" (0:00)
2. Program: "First tune, 'You're On My Mind'" (5:19)
3. Bulletin at 4:11PM: "The R. A. F. is battling Japanese troops attempting to land in Malaya. Hong Kong has been bombed three times. President Roosevelt has just signed the war resolution. 'We are now officially at war!'" (11:20)
4. Program: "Jose Bettancourt plays a marimba solo (interrupted by a bulletin)." (12:46)
5. Bulletin at 4:21PM: "Charles Lindbergh says, 'we must meet war with Japan as united Americans.'" (21:13)
6. Program: "The Escorts and Betty sing, 'Romeo and Juliet.'" (21:48)
7. Bulletin at 4:38PM: "China has declared war against the Axis countries. All 'America First' rallies have been cancelled." (37:19)
8. Program: "Curley Bradley sings, 'Cowboy Serenade.'" (38:26)
63PHBlue.mp3 5:00-5:15PM Adventure Story "Laurie York Erskine, author of the 'Renfrew of the Mounties' stories, tells a story about Israel Israels, set in the American colonies of 1776. Mr. Erskine narrates how Israel's rights were violated by the British, rights that are protected by our Constitution today."
1. Upcut news bulletins (0:00)
2. Program (1:01)
64PHBlue.mp3 5:15-5:30PM Secret City "The three boys have found $10,000, stolen long ago from the Major City Bank. Should girls be admitted to Secret City? Can Mr. Mallory's name be cleared?"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 5:25PM: "Germany 'pushed' Japan into the war in hope of ending the 'Lend-Lease' program." (10:08)
3. Program (11:53)
65PHBlue.mp3 5:30-5:45PM Flying Patrol "The adventures of Pat Moran and Skip Donovan of The Aviation Division of The United States Coast Guard. Pat and Skip are battling a gang of smugglers using remote controlled diving bells. Salty tells a youngster a story about brave sailors to try to keep her spirits up."
1. Program
66PHBlue.mp3 5:45-6:00PM The Tom Mix Ralston Straightshooters "The Mystery Of The Black Cat"; "The Black Cat has stolen $1 million worth of radium. Tom jumps out of the window after him and survives. The Black Cat is apparently captured and the adventure ends as a new situation is developing on the Mexican border that needs Tom's attention, pronto."
1. Program
67PHBlue.mp3 6:00-6:30PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. Conclusion of "The Tom Mix Ralston Straightshooters" (0:00)
2. News bulletins: "Cuba has declared war against Japan. The National Association of Manufacturers has pledged to build two battleships for every one sunk." (0:40)
3. Program: "Songs by The Escorts and Betty (from Chicago)" (2:41)
4. Bulletin at 6:15PM: "John L. Lewis says 'there will be no interruption of work.'" (15:21)
5. "An attempted switch to Washington D. C. fails for five minutes, piano fill music is heard." (16:11)
6. At 6:20PM: "Fiorello La Guardia, as Director of Civil Defense, addresses the nation from Washington. He tells citizens what to do in case of an air raid. He says, 'we are confident that we are going to beat the Japs so badly that they will not attempt anything like it for three hundred years!'" (20:02)
68PHBlue.mp3 6:30-6:45PM Lum and Abner "Lum and Abner are running a bakery."
1. News bulletins: "The oil industry is now on a war footing. Argentina will allow the United States to use bases on Argentine territory. Soldiers in the Canal Zone have been ordered to shoot first and ask questions afterward." (0:00)
2. Program (1:34)
69PHBlue.mp3 6:45-7:00PM Lowell Thomas News 1. News bulletins (0:00)
2. Program: "A recap of Washington D. C. events of the day. Charles Lindbergh says, 'We must meet this crisis as united Americans.' Lowell speculates about how the Japanese attack could have gone undetected." (0:52)
70PHBlue.mp3 7:00-7:30PM The Old Gold Program "Comedy/Variety show, the opening is upcut. Guest Ilona Massey is having trouble learning English. The cast does a comedy/spy drama, trying to find the secret of a fruitcake. Another cast member is possibly identified as 'Hank Ladd.'"
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 7:26PM: "The war is going to cost about $150 billion. The Dominican Republic has declared war on Japan." (26:21)
71PHBlue.mp3 7:30-7:45PM Phillip Murray "An address from Washington D. C. by the president of the C. I. O. His topic is, 'Keep Labor Free.' Mr. Murray makes 'constructive proposals' to reduce 'industrial conflicts.' He is very much against the Smith Bill and other 'anti-labor' legislation."
1. Program (0:00)
2. Bulletin at 7:41PM: "The President will address the nation tomorrow night at 10:00 P. M. The White House says 'one old battleship has been destroyed and other ships damaged' at Pearl Harbor. 'We may temporarily have lost our naval superiority.' Seattle radio stations are to go off the air as a Japanese aircraft carrier is suspected to be in the area." (11:28)
72PHBlue.mp3 7:45-8:00PM The NBC Concert Orchestra 1. Hungarian Dance (0:00)
2. The Nightingale and The Rose, sung by Louelia Payton (?) (3:08)
3. Madelaine (5:48)
4. Song (8:17)
73PHBlue.mp3 8:00-8:30PM I Love A Mystery "Jack, Doc, and Reggie are trying to transport a Chinese girl who's in a trance. A dead man is found hanging in Inyo Country (California). The trail leads down the mountain to a mission school. When the barn the three adventurers are hiding in burns down, they are rescued by Roger, the man with no face."
1. News bulletins: "President Roosevelt is to address the nation tomorrow. Port MacArthur (near Los Angeles) is evacuating women and children. Pressure is being put on Jeanette Rankin to change her vote." (0:00)
2. First half of program (2:05)
3. Second half of program (18:42)
74PHBlue.mp3 8:30-9:00PM True or False "A team of six elementary school teachers competes against six lawyers from the New York Attorney General's Office. First question: 'True or false: 'I'm a bad boy!' is a phrase often connected with Lou Costello.'"
1. News bulletins: "Japanese troops are reported to have landed in the Philippines. Former President Hoover has said, 'We must fight with everything we have.' All is quiet in Hawaii." (0:00)
2. First third of program (1:55)
3. Second third of program (10:47)
4. Third third of program (21:15)
75PHBlue.mp3 9:00-9:30PM The National Radio Forum "From WMAL, Washington D. C.: Senator Alben Barkley (Kentucky) speaks extemporaneously about Japan's 'treachery' and 'uncivilized behavior.'"
1. "Preceded by the playing of a recording of President Roosevelt's speech to Congress made earlier in the day. This is considered to be the first acknowledged use of a recorded program on the NBC Blue Network." (0:00)
2. Program (7:27)
76PHBlue.mp3 9:30-10:00PM Pearl Harbor Coverage 1. "Bert Silan, Don Bell and Ted Wallace report from the Manila Hotel in downtown Manila. The damage from last night's air raid was not severe. Several Filipinos and an American are interviewed." (0:00)
2. "Upton Close reports from San Francisco: a summary of recent developments in the Pacific. 'We wonder what the Japanese strategy is.'" (6:09)
3. "A switch to New York is announced, but Earl Godwin starts speaking from Washington D. C.: 'Washington is heavy, serious and tired.' Congressman Dingle will demand an investigation to find out why we were unprepared." (10:39)
4. "Late bulletins from New York: Japanese troops have been reported in control of Lubang, an island in the Philippines. Four radio stations in Spokane have left the air indefinitely. Western Canada is blacked out. Japanese forces have been repelled in Borneo. Guatemala has declared war against Japan. The new motto of Fort Sill (Oklahoma) is 'Let's sink the rising sun!'" (18:56)
5. "An announcement for war bonds is followed by the national anthem." (24:32)
6. News bulletins: "Six planes have been reported off the coast of California, air raid alerts are sounding in British Columbia." (26:37)
77PHBlue.mp3 10:00-10:30PM The Monday Merry-Go-Round "The Super Dance Program Of The Air"
1. News bulletins: "Heavy fighting reported in Borneo. Fifty unidentified planes have been reported approaching San Francisco, the city itself is blacked out." (0:00)
2. Intro and "Everything I Love" (2:15)
3. 'Tis Autumn (4:41)
4. The White Cliffs Of Dover (7:19)
5. I Yi Yi Yi Yi (11:21)
6. Madelaine (13:52)
7. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (18:01)
8. Start of Medley: "Shepherd's Serenade, The Anniversary Waltz, You Made Me Love You, Goodnight My Love" (20:28)
9. Bulletin at 10:22PM: "No attack is expected on the West Coast." (22:09)
10. Conclusion of Medley (22:44)
11. Program Close (27:05)
78PHBlue.mp3 10:30-11:00PM Adam Hat Sports Parade "Lightweight prizefight from the Philadelphia Arena. Bob Montgomery vs. Jimmy Garrison, scheduled for ten rounds (there's a T. K. O. in the fourth). Both fighters are interviewed after the fight."
1. News bulletins: "No attack is expected on the West Coast. In San Francisco: radio stations are off the air, fire trucks are parked in the street, lights are blacked out. Los Angeles radio stations went off the air earlier." (0:00)
2. Program (1:43)
3. Music fill by the NBC Dance Orchestra, first tune: "Bugle Woogie" (23:12)
4. Pied Piper of Harlem (25:35)
5. If This Be Love (27:37)
79PHBlue.mp3 11:00-11:15PM Carmen Cavallaro and His Orchestra "From The Cosmos Room of The Carleton Hotel, Washington D. C."
1. "Preceded by an address by Norman H. Davis on behalf of The American Red Cross. The Red Cross is beginning a drive to raise $50 million. The Chairman of the Red Cross speaks from Washington D. C." (0:00)
2. Intro and "Day Dreaming" (5:31)
3. Seyeno Delgado (?) (a rhumba) (8:44)
4. Medley: "How Long Did I Dream?", "You Go Your Way, I'll Go Crazy" and Close (11:35)
11:15-11:30PM not available
80PHBlue.mp3 11:30-11:45PM Glenn Miller and His Orchestra "From the Cafe Rouge of the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City"
1. Intro and "Are You Jumpin' Jack?" (0:00)
2. Below The Equator (2:19)
3. The Kiss Polka (5:37)
4. Moonlight Sonata (8:34)

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