Meteor Records

Meteor was a label started by the Meteor Motor Car Company of Piqua, Ohio when the major phonograph patents started to expire and everyone wanted to have their own line of machines and records. A maker of hearses and ambulances, Meteor Motor couldn't have been a more unlikely candidate to join this boom but started making phonographs in 1917. It followed up with a record label that leased all its material from other small labels that had their own recording studios like Arto, Lyric and Clarion. There were only a handful of releases in its catalog and it survived just a year or so. The physical paper label itself though features an interesting innovation that was soon forgotten, a listing of the reverse selection at the top so the user wouldn't have to actually flip the disc over to see what it was.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Little Gray Home in the West
Peerless Quartet Ida Heydt
Meteor 1105-A Meteor 1105-B
(Arto) Matrix# 41001 4A (Arto) Matrix# 41010 3A
ca. 1920 ca. 1920
Note: Extremely worn. Reduced volume for stripped groove from 0:00-0:15. Note: Very worn.

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