Madison Records

Madison Records was a client label of a budget label (Grey Gull) that was produced for the F. W. Woolworth five-and-dime store chain. Like Grey Gull, the shellac was of low quality and quite grit-laden. Some discs were also brown instead of black in color. Some masters came from Grey Gull; others were recorded just for Madison. Grey Gull also opened a new electric recording studio the same year Madison was launched. In-house musicians like trumpeter Mike Mosiello and saxophonist Andy Sannella composed alot of the material, especially the B-sides, in order to save on the royalties Grey Gull would otherwise have to pay the music publishers. Grey Gull itself went out of business in 1930, but Madison continued on for a little while longer under unknown ownership (maybe U.S. Crown Records) and continued to issue old Grey Gull material on its B-sides.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Somewhere in Old Wyoming Blue Waters
Madison Dance Orchestra University Syncopators
Madison 5087(a) Madison 5087(b)
Matrix# 301A Matrix# 303B
April 1930 March 1930
New York, New York New York, New York

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