Sir Harry Lauder
Recording Career: 1902-1935

Sir Harry Lauder was a British Music Hall performer in the early 20th Century. With his kilt, accent, songs and tales he toured the world for forty years and popularized the Scottish stereotype known today. He was the first British artist to sell over a million records and is still the highest selling Scottish artist of all time. He recorded hundreds of sides between 1902 and 1935 on both discs and cylinders. Well, one side of the cylinders anyway. In particular, he was prolific on Victor Records and on its British equivalent, His Master's Voice. He also entertained the troops in both World Wars and was knighted in 1919 by King George V for his efforts in WWI. You can read more about him here:

The following recordings are listed by sequence performed in the studio and in some cases the recording companies would assign later catalog numbers to earlier matrices. Engineers in the cylinder studios didnít usually note exact dates but monthly record company catalogs of new releases and other biographical info can be used to narrow things down to a month or so. I could list a complete discography but that would be depressing since a complete or even a near-complete collection is but a dream for any one person. When a recording session is listed here, however, I will note how complete it is in my collection. Also note December 12, 1909. He recorded twenty-four sides that day, most in just one take. Compare that to how long it takes the typical artist of today to lay down one track. What a testament to the performers of old!

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

August 16, 1906 (London, England) (1/11)
Label Jean MacNiell Victor 5705 Matrix# 8692b, Take 1

ca. November 1907 (London, England) (1/7)
Label We Parted On The Shore Edison Gold Moulded #19176

(around the same time?)
Label Callaghan Edison Gold Moulded #13759

September 22, 1908 (London, England) (1/5)
Label He was very, very kind to me Zonophone 550-AO Matrix# 8951e (X-42824)

September 30, 1909 (London, England) (1/5)
Label The Bounding Bounder Zonophone 550-A Matrix# 10781e (X-42940)

December 12, 1909 (Camden, New Jersey) (14/24)
Label Stop Your Tickling, Jock! Victor 60002 Matrix# B-8446, Take 1
Label Tobermory Victor 60003 Matrix# B-8447, Take 1
Label The Bounding Bounder or "On the Bounding Sea" Victor 55121-B Matrix# C-8448, Take 1
Label I've Something in the Bottle for the Morning (Fu' th' Noo') Victor 60000 Matrix# B-8449, Take 1
Label Fu' th' Noo' (I've Something in the Bottle) Victor 70000 Matrix# C-8449, Take 1
Label The Wedding of Sandy McNab Victor 70008 Matrix# C-8459, Take 2
Label The Saftest of the Family Victor 70005 Matrix# C-8460, Take 1 or 2
Label When I Get Back to Bonnie Scotland Victor 70009 Matrix# C-8461, Take 1
Label I Love a Lassie Victor 70002 Matrix# C-8462, Take 1
Label Inverary Victor 60006 Matrix# B-8465, Take 1
Label She is My Daisy Victor 70006 Matrix# C-8467, Take 1
Label Mr. John MacKay Victor 60008 Matrix# B-8469, Take 1
Label I've Loved Her Ever Since She Was a Baby Victor 60009 Matrix# B-8470, Take 1
Label He Was Very Kind to Me Victor 70001 Matrix# C-8471, Take 1

February 25, 1910 (New York, New York) (2/4)
Label We Parted on the Shore Victor 70013 Matrix# C-8660, Take 1
Label Killiecrankie Victor 60018 Matrix# B-8663, Take 2

October 18, 1911 (New York, New York) (5/5)
Label The Picnic Victor 70060 Matrix# C-11121, Take 1
Label Roamin' in the Gloamin' Victor 60105 Matrix# B-11122, Take 1
Label Roamin' in the Gloamin' Victor 70061 Matrix# C-11122, Take 2
Label Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morn Victor 70063 Matrix# C-11124, Take 1
Label A wee Deoch an' Doris Victor 70062 Matrix# C-11125, Take 1 (Camden, New Jersey)

ca. June 1912 (London, England) (1/4)
Label I Love A Lassie Edison Blue Amberol #1821

January 18, 1913 (Camden, New Jersey) (9/10)
Label I Love a Lassie Victor 60001 Matrix# B-8462, Take 2
Label Trixie from Dixie Victor 45210-A Matrix# B-12809, Take 1
Label Trixie from Dixie Victor 70095 Matrix# C-12809, Take 1
Label She's the Lass for Me Victor 60107 Matrix# B-12810, Take 1
Label She's the Lass for Me Victor 70096 Matrix# C-12810, Take 1
Label The Same as His Faither Was Before Him Victor 60094 Matrix# B-12811, Take 1
Label The Kilty Lads Victor 70097 Matrix# C-12812, Take 1
Label The Wee Hoose 'Mang the Heather Victor 60106 Matrix# B-12813, Take 1
Label The Wee Hoose 'Mang the Heather Victor 70076 Matrix# C-12813, Take 1

ca. October 1913 (London, England) (3/5)
Label Breakfast in Bed Edison Blue Amberol #23017
Label A Wee Hoose 'Mang The Heather Edison Blue Amberol #1822
Label The Kilty Lads Edison Blue Amberol #23059

January 15, 1914 (Camden, New Jersey) (3/5)
Label It's Nice to Get Up in the Mornin' But It's Nicer to Lie in Bed! Victor 70107 Matrix# C-14327, Take 1
Label Ta Ta, My Bonnie Maggie Darling Victor 55124-B Matrix# C-14328, Take 1
Label The Message Boy Victor 70110 Matrix# C-14331, Take 1

November 20, 1915 (New York, New York) (4/4)
Label She is My Rosie Victor 60142 Matrix# B-16789, Take 2
Label Rosie Victor 70113 Matrix# C-16789, Take 1
Label Doughie the Baker Victor 60141 Matrix# B-16798, Take 2
Label Doughie The Baker Victor 70112 Matrix# C-16798, Take 1

February 18, 1916 (Camden, New Jersey) (4/4)
Label Nanny Victor 70114 Matrix# C-17179, Take 2
Label Bonnie Maggie Tamson Victor 70116 Matrix# C-17180, Take 1
Label My Bonny Bonny Jean Victor 70115 Matrix# C-17188, Take 1
Label Mary of Argyle Victor 45256-A Matrix# B-17191, Take 1

November 2, 1917 (Camden, New Jersey) (5/5)
Label I Love to be a Sailor Victor 70118 Matrix# C-21042, Take 1
Label I'm Going to Marry 'Arry on the 5th of January Victor 55138-A Matrix# C-21043, Take 1
Label Waggle o' the Kilt Victor 55153-A Matrix# C-21044, Take 2
Label The Laddies Who Fought and Won Victor 70117 Matrix# C-21045, Take 1
Label There is Somebody Waiting for Me Victor 70119 Matrix# C-21046, Take 2

April 11, 1918 (Camden, New Jersey) (3/3)
Label From the North, South, East and West Victor 70120 Matrix# C-21669, Take 1
Label Auld Scotch Sangs Victor 45256-B Matrix# B-21671, Take 1
Label Granny's Laddy (One of the Boys Who Went) Victor 70121 Matrix# C-21672, Take 1

December 10, 1918 (Camden, New Jersey) (3/3)
Label Bella McGraw Victor 55153-B Matrix# C-22456, Take 2
Label When I Was Twenty-One Victor 70123 Matrix# C-22457, Take 2
Label Don't Let Us Sing Anymore About War, Just Let Us Sing of Love Victor 70122 Matrix# C-22458, Take 2

February 20, 1920 (Camden, New Jersey) (2/3)
Label O'er the Hill to Ardenteny Victor 55138-B Matrix# C-23743, Take 1
Label I Think I'll Get Wed in the Summer Victor 70125 Matrix# C-23746, Take 1

June 8, 1922 (Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England) (4/4)
Label Saturday Night Zonophone G.O. 57 Matrix# Yy-1444 (X-4-42388)
Label Bella the Belle o' Dunoon Zonophone G.O. 57 Matrix# Yy-1446 (X-4-42387)
Label Hame o' Mine Zonophone G.O. 58 Matrix# Yy-1448 (X-4-42459)
Label It's a fine thing to sing Zonophone G.O. 58 Matrix# Yy-1450 (X-4-42460)

October 19, 1922 (Camden, New Jersey) (4/4)
Label Saturday Night Victor 55180-B Matrix# C-27039, Take 2
Label The Sunshine of a Bonnie Lassie's Smile Victor 55179-B Matrix# C-27040, Take 2
Label Bella the Belle o' Dunoon Victor 55179-A Matrix# C-27041, Take 2
Label It's a Fine Thing to Sing Victor 55180-A Matrix# C-27042, Take 2

February 12, 1924 (Camden, New Jersey) (4/4)
Label Ohio Victor 55221-A Matrix# C-23744, Take 3
Label Love Makes the World a Merry-Go-Round Victor 55222-A Matrix# C-29462, Take 2
Label I Like My Old Home Town Victor 55222-B Matrix# C-29463, Take 2
Label Dixie Girls are Good Enough for Me Victor 55221-B Matrix# C-29466, Take 1

March 3, 1926 (Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England) (3/18)
Label I Love a Lassie Victor 9012-B Matrix# Cc-8002, Take 1
Label Roamin' in the Gloamin' Victor 9012-A Matrix# Cc-8016, Take 1
Label Roamin' in the Gloamin' Zonophone G.O. 80 Matrix# Yy-8017 (X-4-42892), Take 1

March 5, 1926 (Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England) (1/6)
Label The End of the Road Zonophone G.O. 82 Matrix# Yy-8038 (X-4-42882), Take 1

May 17, 1928 (Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England) (2/9)
Label Music and Song Zonophone G.O. 82 Matrix# Yy-13336 (X-5-42387), Take 1
Label Flower o' the Heather Zonophone G.O. 80 Matrix# Yy-13341 (X-5-42390)

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