Gramophone and Typewriter Records

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Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

God Save the Queen
Royal Saxonian 7th Infantry Regiment Band of Prince George, No. 106 (of Germany)
Berliner (G&T Canada) 155
Matrix# 2289, Take ?
May 26, 1899
Kramer Strasse, 4, Leipzig, Saxony, German Empire
Note: This one is a bit of a mystery. Pressed in Canada but the master is from elsewhere. The label says London but the "2289" just to the right of the spindle hole matches a matrix number on the CHARM website for the attribution given above. Nothing showed up matching "155", which is probably the local catalog number. Even though a German band played it, it is definitely a reference to Queen Victoria. Plus, it would have been improper to call it "God Save to Queen" after her death in 1901 so the date range is agreeable. Since Berliner had operations on both sides of the Atlantic and the Channel, one recording was probably deemed sufficient with a slight credit change depending on the market.

Also note: A plunk sound, not a skip, even before filtering at 0:47 regardless of what stylus is used.

Come away
Mr. George Robey
Gramophone and Typewriter G.C.-2-2677
Matrix# 1971
June 1902
London, England
Note: played at 71 RPM

Overture to "Semiramide" (Blank)
Sousa's Band
Gramophone and Typewriter V.M.-442
[Pre-Matrix B-]359, Take 1
January 6, 1902
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (?)
Note: played at 70 RPM

H. M. Coldstream Guards
Gramophone and Typewriter G.C.-2-9
Matrix# 4631
December 4, 1903
London, England

Coal Black Mammy Mooning
"Queen's" Dance Orchestra "Queen's" Dance Orchestra
His Master's Voice B1275-A His Master's Voice B1275-B
Matrix# Bb 528-5 Matrix# Bb 529-4
October 12, 1921 October 12, 1921
Room 1, Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England Room 1, Hayes, Middlesex, (London) England

That's My Hap-Hap-Happiness Little Brown Baby
Savoy Orpheans Savoy Orpheans
His Master's Voice B5310-A His Master's Voice B5310-B
Matrix# Bb 11047-1 Matrix# Bb 11080-1
1927 1927

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