Everybodys Records

Everybodys was a mysterious label, possibly pressed by the Bridgeport Die and Machine Company, for just a few months in 1925. Most matrixes came from Paramount and Emerson-Consolidated and the known catalog ran from 1001 to 1085 with a continuation to 1092 under the name "The Electric" (which actually wasn't). Everybodys Record, Inc. went bankrupt late in the year.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Romany Days Mandy Make Up Your Mind
Frisco Syncopators (pseudonym for The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra) Stricklands Palais D'Or Orchestra (pseudonym for Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra)
Everybodys 1016-A Everybodys 1016-B
Matrix# 3512-1 (Emerson) Matrix# 11031-? (Emerson)
October 1924 November 1924
New York, New York (?) New York, New York (?)
Note: Extremely worn. Note: Extremely worn.

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