Edison Diamond Discs

This page covers the 83000 series from 83001 to 83087 with issue dates ranging from 1912 to 1920. It was a prestigious tier featuring High Classical and Operatic selections with a base price of $3.00. It was analogous to Victor's Red Seal Label and Columbia's Symphony Series. Also like those labels, many Discs were one-sided in a way. The L-Side contained a spoken description of the song and artist. Recording and issuing were steady throughout this time period, albeit at a much slower pace due to the price. There was even a more exclusive 84000 series with only a single 84001 issued.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

La fatal pietra - Aida Description of "La fatal pietra"
Marie Rappold and Giovanni Zenatello Harry E. Humphrey (narrator)
Edison 83035-R Edison 83035-L
Matrix# 5017-C-14-3, Take 3 Matrix# 5287-C-3-13, Take 3
September 1916 January 8-17, 1917
New York, New York New York, New York

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