Edison Bell Winner Records

"The Winner" Records was a label produced by The Edison Bell Record Works of London under the ownership of James Hough, an importer of Edison and Columbia products since the early 1890s. When Edison established direct operations in Europe in 1904, the franchise was withdrawn but Hough kept the Edison-Bell name yet officially changed the company name to "J. E. Hough, Ltd." in 1909. He introduced disc records to his catalog that same year, simply using the name "The Winner" on the label. In 1924, the name was expanded to "Edison Bell Winner" and over the years the word "Winner" shrunk in size. The company went public in 1926 but its fortunes shrunk until British Decca acquired it in 1933. Edison Bell's last records were issued in 1935.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

The Ever-Open Door Minnetonka
Gaiety Dance Band Gaiety Dance Band
Edison Bell Winner 4862 Edison Bell Winner 4862
Matrix# 11858B Matrix# 11859L
1928 1928

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