Diva Records

Divas were recorded and pressed by Columbia for the W. T. Grant Company chain of department stores. They used the same masters as Harmony and their catalog numbers were simply numbered 2000 higher with a "G" suffix substituted. Columbia had just built a new acoustic recording studio in 1924 when the electric microphone swept the industry the following year. To recover this investment, that studio continued to be used for Columbia's budget and client labels (like Diva) at least into late 1929. However, pressing quality was very good for the era, on par with Columbia's name-brand releases. All records here are acoustically-recorded unless noted.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

A Precious Little Thing Called Love Buy, Buy For Baby
Lou Gold and His Orchestra Lou Gold and His Orchestra
Diva 2814-G Diva 2814-G
Matrix# 147723 2-C-9, Take 2 Matrix# 147725 1-B-15, Take 1
December 20, 1928 December 20, 1928
New York, New York New York, New York

My Sweeter Than Sweet Alma Mammy
Golden Gate Orchestra Golden Gate Orchestra
Diva 3045-G Diva 3045-G
Matrix# 149129 3-B-13, Take 3 Matrix# 149131 2-A-6, Take 2
October 11, 1929 October 11, 1929
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Lamination crack from center into second half, slightly audible.

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