Ethnic Columbia Records

In the late 1910s, second generation record companies like Vocalion and OKeh were founded and found a profitable market in the rapidly growing immigrant communities of the United States. Ethnic series covering many nationalities were launched with their own catalog numbering blocks. Victor and Columbia began to do the same in playing catch-up, the latter having a small head-start with its "E" series beginning in 1908. A standard green label for these issues was introduced around 1916. These Columbias were recorded in the U.S. but were often issued in foreign markets as well.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Ferlobungs Mazurka Grenadier March
John G. Frank's Fanfare Kapella John G. Frank's Fanfare Kapella
Columbia E1316 Columbia E1316
Matrix# 38649-1, Take 1 Matrix# 38650-2, Take 2
February 24, 1913 February 24, 1913
New York, New York New York, New York

Samahat #1 Samahat #2
W. Kamel W. Kamel
Columbia E3010 Columbia E3010
Matrix# 44169 1-A-2, Take 1 Matrix# 44170 1-A-1, Take 1
1916-1917 1916-1917
Note: Lamination crack 3/4-inch in, not audible. Some scratches though.

On the Shore Danube Waves
International Dance Orchestra International Dance Orchestra
Columbia 12051-F Columbia 12051-F
Matrix# 106292, Take 1 Matrix# 107405, Take 2
ca. February 1926 ca. January 1927
Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois
Note: Electrical hum on master, reduced by filtering.

Skörde - Fest Hammarforsens Brus
E. Jahrl Nyhetskvintett E. Jahrl Nyhetskvintett
Columbia 22059-F Columbia 22059-F
Matrix# 108189, Take 2 Matrix# 108190, Take 2
late 1920s? late 1920s?

Der Ungluckliche Jungling Vogelnest
P. Müller's Banater Kapelle Mit Gesang P. Müller's Banater Kapelle Mit Gesang
Columbia 55046-F Columbia 55046-F
Matrix# 205367, Take 2 Matrix# 205368, Take 4
late 1920s? late 1920s?
Note: Very worn. Note: Very worn.

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