Challenge Records

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Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Seneca Square Dance Listen to the Mocking Bird
Fiddlin' Dave Neal Fiddlin' Dave Neal
Challenge 102-A Challenge 102-B
Matrix# G12460 Matrix# G12462
February 3, 1926 February 3, 1926

Mighty Lak' a Rose My Old Kentucky Home
Carry Wallace Carry Wallace
Challenge 175-A Challenge 175-B
Matrix# G08164a Matrix# G07945
December 20, 1922 June 22, 1922

The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster Crowed Hell Broke Loose In Georgia
The Three Howard Boys Uncle Jim Hawkins
Challenge 304-A Challenge 304-B
Matrix# G12214 Matrix# X0231
April 22, 1925 August 23, 1926

Medley of Old Favorites - Part I Medley of Old Favorites - Part II
Billy Bishop Billy Bishop
Challenge 308-A Challenge 308-B
Matrix# G12885 Matrix# G12889
June 27, 1927 June 27, 1927

Please Papa Come Home Write a Letter to My Mother
James Ragan and Oliver Beck James Ragan
Challenge 390-A Challenge 390-B
Matrix# X0880 (Gennett) Matrix# X0882 (Gennett)
September 17, 1927 September 17, 1927

Blue Yodel No. 1 In The Jail House Now
Frankie Wallace & His Guitar Frankie Wallace & His Guitar
Challenge 901-A Challenge 901-B
Matrix# 8038 Matrix# 8043
June 18, 1928 June 18, 1928

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