Broadway Records

Broadway Records was a budget label founded by the New York Recording Laboratories, owner of Paramount Records. It originally sold for 39¢, mainly in Montgomery Ward and other department stores. For the first few years, most masters issued by the label came from Paramount with Banner and Emerson contributing some after 1924. The Bridgeport Die and Machine Company of Connecticut pressed Broadways until its closure in 1925, prompting the NYRL to take over the duty directly. Physical quality of the records, good under Bridgeport, began to decline at this time. Paramount’s New York studio closed the following year and this was when many masters began to be procured from Plaza-ARC. Most of those same masters would also be used for the many labels of that group, usually with pseudonyms used between them. Paramount masters still occasionally appeared but increased their representation again as the NYRL ended relations with ARC in 1930. Yet, ARC took over the label when the NYRL went out-of-business in 1932 and their masters were used again until 1934. Decca Records bought the label that year as a vehicle to reissue classic Paramount, Gennett and Champion sides but discontinued it in 1935 after a short run. During the life of the label though, it released a good deal of groundbreaking Jazz, Blues and Country due to its association with these parent labels.

Encoded Speed: 192 Kbps

Is She My Girl Friend Sally's Got A Baby
Midnight Ramblers (pseudonym for Harry Reser's Orchestra) Wisconsin Roof Orchestra
Broadway 1122-A Broadway 1122-B
Matrix# 7602 (944) (1203), Take 1 Matrix# 20120 (Paramount), Take ?
November 4, 1927 ca. October 1927
New York, New York Chicago, Illinois
Note: Worn. Note: Worn.

Slue Foot Lonely Little Bluebird
Bill Haid's Cubs Bill Haid's Cubs
Broadway 1187-A Broadway 1187-B
Matrix# 20707 (Paramount), Take 2 Matrix# 20711 (Paramount), Take 3
July 1928 July 1928
Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Am I Blue Let Me Have My Dreams
Checker Box Boys (pseudonym for Lou Gold and His Orchestra) Checker Box Boys (pseudonym for Lou Gold and His Orchestra)
Broadway 1287-A Broadway 1287-B
Matrix# 8787 (1259) (2284), Take 2 Matrix# 8788 (1260) (2286), Take 3
May 31, 1929 May 31, 1929
New York, New York New York, New York
Note: Worn. Note: Worn.

Shall It Be You Don't You Want To Go
Dixie Sacred Trio Dixie Sacred Trio
Broadway 8260-A Broadway 8260-B
Matrix# 1803 (Paramount) (2419), Take ? Matrix# 1804 (Paramount) (2420A), Take ?
ca. October 1929 ca. October 1929
Note: Worn. Note: Worn.

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